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Add Bullara Station Stay to Your Next Exmouth Visit

Bullara Station Stay is one of our favourite places to stay when coming to Exmouth, it is an authentic outback station stay where you will experience what a running cattle farm is like. 

Follow the red dusty roads and enter through the silver gates to feel the true outback experience of what Bullara Station Stay is all about.

But let me warn you– 

This isn’t just any ordinary station stay! The staff are friendly, the quirkiness is on high voltage and the animals want to be your best friend. They will often follow you around the station and will arrive at your campsite when you are least expecting it. I am convinced they are paid to do this as they followed me everywhere (even when hanging out the washing)

So are you ready to find out about the adventures of this amazing place?

If YES then read on……

bullara station sunset
The Beer Bottle Sunset Walk

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Where Is Bullara Station?

Bullara Station is located 83 kilomtres south of the centre of Exmouth and 60 kilometres East from Coral Bay. Yes this place is out in the middle of no where and the closest place with people and shops is Coral Bay and that is a 45 minutes away by car.

This hidden destination might seem excluded from the Ningaloo marine life we all know and love but it is home to much more than underwater sea life. Here you will find roaming cattle, amazing sunsets, friendly locals and a whole community of Bullara staff waiting to blow your expectations right out of the water.

We stayed here for three weeks. It may seem like a while but Dan was away working back on the mines and I was here with the kiddos. Yep just myself (mumma) and three kids all under the age of seven and we had a brilliant time! There was never a day where any of us got to the point where we had, had enough of outback living in the red dirt. 

So you are probably thinking…. wow, 60 kilometres from the closest town! That is a long way from civilisation!

Can I do that?

If you are looking for a true outback experience that you will remember for years to come, then the answer is yes you can. 

Tim, Edwina and the Friendly Staff

Tim and Edwina are the owners of Bullara Station and you will probably meet them at some stage on your Bullara Station stay depending on what time of the year it is. Remember this is a working cattle farm so they do have full time jobs. Which is why you will also meet many of the friendly staff members that also make up the Bullara Station team. 

We met some of the amazing team during our stay. The staff who were working here were a mix of fellow Aussie travellers and expats. 

They welcomed our three kiddos to join in on the experience of painting the blue tree. They quite happily handed them a paint brush and together everyone painted the tree. 

If you don’t already know, the blue tree is a national project that is rolling out across Australia to raise awareness for mental health. For me as a parent I was delighted that my children were able to take part in this project, I was able to talk about mental illness in a way that was inviting, open and laid back, while painting the tree that represented the movement of this particular topic. 

Our kiddo's were here to help paint the Blue Tree

All about Bullara Station Camping- Powered and Unpowered Sites?

Bullara station is equipped and set up for powered and unpowered camping. There are more unpowered sites than powered sites so booking in advance is essential. 

We chose to park on an unpowered site, this still gave us access to water but not a continous hook up to our van. We had to fill the van by hand using a 10 litre water container, which wasn’t that difficult and only took about 15 minutes every second day. 

For power we had our van set up on solar and we used a generator during the day for our air conditioner but on those hot balmy nights with no breeze is when you can really feel the outback Bullara Station stay heat. 

If you are planning to stay in an unpowered site then be prepared that towards the end of the year it does reach temperatures of up 37 degrees and over. So yes it does get a tad warm. 

Bullara Station states they have no drinking water available but I ran the bore water through our filtered taps for more than three weeks. I spoke to the staff who had been living here for more than seven years and they had also been running this water through their tanks. They were all for it and so was I!  

The water is artesian bore water which is drinkable water but just doesn’t pass the standard from the water board. 

****This is information is from personal experience, please do not take this as qualified advice. Make your own decisions. 

The station also offers chalets which can be hired out. These again require booking via their website. 

✅ Powered and Unpowered sites

✅Water available (bore) for unpowered and powered

✅Artesian showers and toilets available

✅Pet friendly

✅ Dump point available

✅ Generators Allowed

✅ Minimal Telstra Coverage

✅ Open fire pits are supplied 


Unpowered site next to Snowflake (one of the locals)

What Is The Cost To Stay at Bullara Station Stay?

When travelling Australia the cost to camp anywhere is always the first question that comes to mind. We are a travelling family of five so our costs are usually a lot higher than a couple or a solo traveller so camping costs are always our first priority. 

We chose an unpowered site so we could save as much as we could on our accommodation costs. The cost for our family was $32 per night total (this was only for 1 adult and 3 children). As Dan was away working. 

  ***As I have recently updated this blog I have noticed that the cost is now $46 per night for the same unpowered site. During COVID prices have increased just like everything else. So travelling has become more expensive. 

As always prices change and places update their terms and conditions so please check in here for Bullara’s latest price update. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Bullara Station?

 The best time to visit Bullara Station Stay is between the months of April and October. The rest of the year the station is closed due to the weather and being the off season. 

We stayed here at the very end of the season and we were lucky enough to be here for the end of year muster. If you are coming to stay then I would recommend arriving on the Friday and staying until the Monday, this way you will get to experience the Friday night burger night and the tales from Damper John. 

Friday Burger Night

Every second Friday everyone is welcomed to come and mingle with a drink and buy a burger for $10. The beef patties are from their own cattle and everything is fresher than you could possibly find at the shops. You will meet other travellers and share and hear other stories with the crowd of people that attend. 

Damper John

Damper John has been within the team for more than nine years, he is part of what Bullara Station Exmouth is. He is an absolute top bloke and he is also the fella who runs the 5 pm damper tasting and history stories about Bullara Station Stay. 

***Tip- Bring some Jam and butter to put on your damper….it will be the the best damper you will have ever tried! 

what to do at Bullara Station
Stories and damper with Damper John

What Else Is There To Do At Bullara Station?

We stayed here for three weeks while Dan was working away FIFO (fly in/fly out) in Newman WA. So the kids and I found heaps to do here without actually leaving the station. 

Below is our list of things to do around the campsite without going to Exmouth or Coral Bay.

  • Take a walk– There are maps that guide you on different walks around the station, these walks are magical and my biggest recommendation is the Sunset Beer Bottle Walk. Oh golly gosh, when the sun hits that red sand, it is magestic! A true outback experience. (check out my first photo for what it looks like)
  • Visit the old sheep shearing station– Yes, this is old yet very interesting. This is also the kids play area. My kids loved this and played through here everyday. There is also a playground behind the sheep shearing shed where the kids can burn some energy. 
  • Enjoy some green grass– If you are craving some green soft grass then head to the cafe and enjoy the well manicured patch of green grass. I came here four times a week to do my exercise routine. There is nothing better than soft green grass between your toes. 
  • Bullara Cafe– While we were here, Mr.J my son headed up to the cafe and managed to find himself working and helping out here. He was thrilled that he could help out, at the end of his ‘shift’ he was given $2 and a hot chocolate. This really shows how amazing the staff here at Bullara Station really are. The cafe has some amazing scones available to purchase too. 
  • Artesian Showers– My best tip is going to have a shower in one of the outback artesian showers (donkey showers). I have some really great tips to ensure you have the best time. First tip is leave your towel in the sun so it is toasty warm for when you get out. Next tip is bring a portable music player and relax. Third tip is have a shower at about 3 pm in the afternoon when the sun shines down or at night under the stars. 
  • Exmouth Gulf– if you have a 4 wheel drive I would recommend heading to the gulf. You can find a map at Bullara Station which will give you directions on how to get there. Plus you will also have the safety net of checking out and checking in. This is where you fill in your name and number and if you do not arrive back by the end of the day, the staff will go looking for you. How is that for some cool and caring service.
Outside Artesian Showers

Book In for Bullara Station Camping- End Of Year Muster

Every year the staff here at Bullara Station round up their cattle using motorbikes, horses and even helicopters. This was such an eye opening experience for our family while staying here. We highly recommend staying here during the end of year muster. 

What to expect?

The helicopters leave early in the morning and will return every four or so hours to refuel. The helicopters land on the property and often you can stand next to where they will land and feel the wind and sand push against your face. 

Once the cattle is rounded up back to the station you can walk over and see all the cattle together. 

Tips Before Arriving To Bullara Station

Food– Before arriving, I woud recommend doing a food shop. There are no local or major shopping centres within a 60 kilometre radius so stock up. If you are coming from the North I would recommend stocking up at Onslow and if you are coming from the south then I recommend stocking up in Coral Bay or for an IGA and a bigger shop head to Exmouth. 

Water– Bullara Station has water available for all campers. This water is underground artesian water (bore water). The water does not pass the water standard test and cannot be advertised as ‘safe water’ for drinking. 
Drinking this water will come down to personal choice, we ran the water through our tanks for three weeks and had no issues. We also have a filter from our tanks to our drinking water tap. It was all fine while we were there. 

After speaking to the staff who also ran the water through their tanks and had never had a problem with their van we decided it was good for us as well. 

Although we did have the white marks left on our pots and pans after washing up but that was our unfiltered water tanks and really not a big deal. 

For us Bullara Station Stay Exmouth was a winner in our books and we cannot wait to go back and have another outback experience. We would love to hear your experiences by dropping a comment below. I have left a Bullara Station Reviews below

Bullara Station Reviews

Everything about Bullara was amazing. We had the best experience here on our travels and wish we could have stayed for longer. So many things to see around the camp and the staff were very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend staying here!

– Brooke D from Tripadvisor

Drove up from Coral Bay to have scones and coffee for brekky. I think I would drive from Perth just to have them. Thanks to the gorgeous girls in the shop for another lovely experience! We will be back in a couple of months! A&D

– Justcruzin from Wikicamps

Bullara station just gets better and better every time we visit. Staff are super friendly and helpful and the amenities are superb but rustic at the same time. Definitely a place to visit over and over again. 

– Clinton Brand- Facebook


With Exmouth being a very popular swimming and snorkelling place I highly recommend the visit to stay and explore here. We love Exmouth and it is our number one destination in Western Australia. Things to do in Exmouth are endless.  

Distance from Bullara Station to Exmouth is about 90 kilometes which is about and hours drive. 

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is another great destination to visit and explore. Great tours, snorkelling and even reef sharks can be spotted from the coast. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and you can check out our stay here in Coral Bay

We thoroughly look forward to getting back to Bullara Station Stay and soak up that Bullara Station camping on a cattle farm in WA. 

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