What To Do In Esperance With Kids

What To Do In Esperance With Kids

What to do in Esperance with kids? 

Esperance is probably one of the most sought after holiday spots in the south west of Western Australia. Every year 10’s of thousands of holiday makers head there for their yearly vacations. It has become ever so popular and now we know why. 

Esperance has some of the whitest sand I have ever seen, this is the type of sand that nearly looks like snow. It is super fine and squeaks when you walk on it. We have travelled to some beautiful locations around the world and have never seen sand quiet like the sand here in Esperance. 

With sand so white and water so blue it makes for a very relaxing trip to sit here on the beach. To make this even better some of the beaches in the National Park have kangaroos that also love to come sunbake with you on the beach. What? Yes you read right. The kangaroos come and lay next to you, they let you pat them, they are so friendly. 

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What to do in Esperance with kids? 

Ideally we wanted to book into the National Park’s campground, either Lucky Bay or Cape Le Grand but I did not book further enough in advance and left it to the last minute so they were all booked out. 

Tip- if you do want to book here you MUST book months in advance. 

Instead we stayed at the RAC Caravan Park, which is just a 2 minute drive to the city centre. Which worked out perfect. Esperance was brilliant for things to do with kids. We found so many things to do here and the town is very family friendly. 

Check out below what to do in Esperance with kids. 


what to do in esperance with kids

All aboard the bus…. the kids were really excited for this, for some reason the bus ride got them all pumped. The tour itself I found really interesting, the guide up the front made it humerous, the tour was made interactive with the photos and samples that were passed around the bus. 

It would have been even better if my kids would sit still and I could hear what the guide saying but by the 40 minute mark my kids were totally over it. By the 1.5 hour mark I was bribing them to sit still. I think if they were a little older they would have enjoyed it a little more. 

I do recommend this though as part of a home school lesson or just as something different to do. The tour is every Saturday at 1.30pm and is a gold coin donation. 


ff- esperance13

Miniature trains! Who doesn’t love a good train ride? We certainly do, for $3 per person it was affordable and enjoyable. The ride goes for a few minutes in a figure eight around Adventureland Park. 

Tickets are purchased at the station and each child is given a ticket that is stamped when they are sitting on the train. This is all run by volunteers from the community so if you do pass through Esperance go and check out the trains. 


ff- esperance4

Esperance certainly does have some history behind it and has a little museum village dedicated towards this. The town is very proud of both the SkyLab and The Museum that a lot of effort has been put in to ensure that all visitors have a good experience. 

The museum has a cost to enter and can be found here. My kids loved the tanker in the museum village centre. They had fun pretend playing and doing what kids like to do- pretend play. We spent a good 1 hour here. 


what to do in esperance with kids

Thanks to the town of Esperance for this beautiful photo opportunity. The whale tail is right on the foreshore and just adds that something special. 

Check out some of the park benches as they are wireless phone charges. 


ff- esperance7

Along the esplanade there is plenty to do with kids. We tested out the mini golf inside the big shed. It was ok for something to do on cold and rainy day. Out of all three children, one stayed interested for the entire 18 holes. There was a deal on ‘buy one round get a second free’. We only made it through one round before everyone wanted to go home. 

At the same place there are large 4 wheeled bikes called ‘Jalopy’s’. These are pedal bikes that can carry the whole family. For $20 you get 30 minutes of hire time which takes you to the whale tail and back. It really is a nice ride, very scenic, we took ours along the jetty too. 

It would have been great if ours didn’t have a flat tyre. That made it extremely hard to ride the bike. In the end I got out pushed and the kids back. 


ff- esperance10

Twilight Cove is along the scenic drive from Esperance. I personally think this beach is better than the famous Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grand. With it’s smooth boulder rocks and shallow coastline, it made for a lovely relaxing day sitting back and watching the kids paddle in the water. 


coffin bay

Ever been to a beach where the kangaroos sunbathe with you? Well go to Lucky Bay and you can tick that off your bucket list. The beach has a hard sand surface that you can drive ANY car onto the beach. 

Park up and then walk from your car over the whitest sand in Australia that squeaks underneath your feet into the crystal clear waters of the National Park. 

Lucky Bay is commercialised as it has a coffee and food van on the beach nearly everyday, plus a campground high up behind the sand dunes. During peak season this beach is VERY busy and sometimes there are not any spots left for you to drive your car on unless you drive way down the other end. 

Cape Le Grand is the beach on the opposite side of Lucky Bay, another beautiful beach and if coming from Esperance you can take the short cut and drive along the beach of Cape Le Grand and knock 30 minutes off your day trip. So if you love the wind in your hair, take the beach drive. No need to let your tyres down for the drive. 


Next to the mini golf on the esplanade is a pump track for bikes, scooters and skateboards. It is a bitumen pathway that has some great up and down hills that the kids love. We spent many hours down there for the kids to burn some extra energy. 

While in Esperance we had some rainy days which makes the skatepark slippery so the pump track was great for a back up option. When the kids were bored with the pump track we headed to the skatepark just 100 metres across the grass oval. This is always busy and is very good. Again there are options for you to wirelessly charge your phone. 


Let me just say that this lake is huge! The lookout of the pink lake shows you the lake that is no longer pink. It is white with shades of blue. We still found this an ok lookout but no where near as pink as some of the advertising pictures show. 

Although if you drive from Norseman along South Coast Highway you can see a shade of light pink peeking it’s way from over the hill. So it is still there just from a different view. 


ff- esperance1

I highly recommend driving along the Great Ocean Drive scenic tour. It showcases the stunning coastal views and has spots for you to park up and take photo’s. There are plenty of beautiful beaches along here to choose from. 

If you are looking for a more private beach then check out some of these on the drive. You may be lucky and find one all to yourself. 


While this does interesting and to be honest I thought hard as to whether or not I wanted to take the family here. I decided against it. If I was going to see the stonehenge then it was going to be the original. 

This does have a cost and I have included the website here for more information and opening times and days. 


While living on the road and travelling full time I like to find activities that are cost effective, offer learning experiences and where I can meet other families. The libraries I have found to be very useful in offering these things. 

At the Esperance library I signed both Cayden and Jordan up for LEGO Club. Where the boys can go for an hour and play LEGO for free with other children. 

Other things to look out for are playgroups and family rhyme time for younger toddlers. Usually all free or may incur a small cost to attend. 


Woody Island- There are options to visit the island on a day trip or to stay there overnight. 

Website is here to check out some options for your family 


The animal and bird park is 15kms out of town along Coolgardie-Esperance Hwy. This place is very well known for it’s $10 all day breakfast. With so many things to do in Esperance this was one attraction we did not get to. Although my kids remided me about every time it was mentioned in a conversation. Maybe they just wanted to eat the breakfast everyone had been raving about. 

What is there to do in Esperance with kids? An absolute bundle of things, which range from free to a small fee. We found Esperance to be very family friendly and cater for kids a lot. 

If you have anything to add to the list of above activities on ‘what to do in Esperance with kids’ please drop them in the comments box. I would love to know. 

Thanks and enjoy 

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