About Us

G’day and welcome to our family travel blog. On this website you will find lots of information about getting started on your ‘big lap of Australia’ or if you want to live ‘full-time’ on the road travelling. This site has lots of information which has helped many families get on the road faster and more efficiently with less stress and confusion. We can help you too!!!

All the blogs on this site will be authored by me (Kylie) as I have a deep passion for writing and I’m a kindred spirit filled with creativity. I may ask for guest posts to join the site if they offer valuable insights, if I think that it will help you out. 

My love for travel started back before I had children and I backpacked around the world exploring, yes I was addicted. I have always called it the ‘travel bug’, it’s something that you never really can get rid of. I can now proudly say that I have passed this bug onto my partner Mr.D and our three children. 

They will forever have some nomad blood in them.  

Nullabor plain. The iconic sign that travellers take a picture with
Just before crossing the Nullabor

My hope for this site is to pass on the ‘travel bug’ to you, so you can experience and make some amazing memories with your family. We hope the ‘travel bug’  can continue to be passed down to further generations. 

Kylie...aka Mumma Bear. The risk taker!

Hi, yes this is me (Kylie). I am infected big time with the ‘travel bug’. I have backpacked through 21 countries, worked on a tropical Island in Malaysia and have been to Bali over 30 times. I am originally from Perth and I used to own a very successful female only gym before I closed it doors to pursue an even bigger dream of being a full-time nomad and professional travel blogger.  

Dan- aka Pappa Bear. The assessor!

what to do in port douglas

Meet Dan- funnily enough Dan had never travelled before we met so of course I dragged him to Bali for his first trip away. We now cannot stop talking about travel. Dan is a boiler-maker by trade and makes a living working FIFO (fly in and out) contracting for different minesites. Dan is obsessed with sports and his team are the Sydney Swans. He also loves any pub that serves VB (Victoria Bitter) on tap. 

Mr J- 2011 Baby

Ahh our first born son. Yep he certainly has a strong personality and knows what he likes and dislikes. Mr.J has also been travelling for for more than a quarter of his life! And has been to 4 different countries already. Mr.J loves minecraft, fishing, and all sports just like his Dad. Cricket is one of his favourite sports. Right now he wants to be a tourist guide travelling Australia full time for his job. 

Moo Moo- 2013 Baby

Miss.A is chatterbox plus and loves to ask as many questions as humanly possibly. Which on long car rides can become tiresome (we say ask Google lol) She is a very kind and caring person who goes in stages of looking after dolls to then playing with cars and trucks. She doesn’t mind getting muddy and really dislikes brushing her hair!! 

Little C- 2014 Baby

Little C is our family jokester. He loves playing pranks and telling jokes to make us all laugh. Right now he loves Bluey and will wear no-shirt and no-shoes wherever he can get away with it. Little C has visited 3 countries and has spent half his life on the road. He has also never been to a brick and mortar school, the only schooling he knows is Distance Education. 

-Let's Create Family Memories-

We started our family travel in South East Asia, where we went for 3 weeks on a family back packing trip through South East Asia. It was then that we decided we were going to pack up our lives to be full-time nomads. 

It took us three weeks to decide we were going to travel and twelve months to make that happen. I sold my gym and Mr.D organised an easier swing (FIFO roster) for us to be able to work and travel. 

We purchased a 22 foot caravan, sold all our possessions and boxed up three plastic tubs of things that went into storage at a relatives house. Our house was rented within three weeks and we moved into our new home…aka the van. 

We took off, not even knowing where our first stop was going to be. It was exciting and spontaneous. We have thrived on those moments for two years now. Every single week we on’t know where we are going and we chase the sun where we can. 

Together we have built stronger family connections, our kids have learnt so much while travelling on the road and we have had so many family experiences and memories that I cant count. 


We want you and your family to have the same. 

Let us help you get on the road to freedom and fun.