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1. What To Do In Kalbarri?

The last time Dan and I visited Kalbarri was when we were kids. Our parents took us to all the best spots and we each had our own family experiences which turned into life long memories. Those memories stuck with us for life and now we have extended on those memories. Kalbarri is a beautiful little town that has a laid back relaxed vibe with local shops, pubs and restaurants. During the early months of the year the flies are pretty bad so be prepped with some fly nets and carry those around with you everywhere. 

You can use the content window above or scroll through at your leisure to find out all information in full. We hope you have a great trip to Kalbarri. 

2. Natures Window

kalbarri nature window

The National Park in Kalbarri is home to Natures Window and many other spectacular natural scenic views. Natures Window is exactly that, you sit at the entrance and watch through the looking glass that is made from rock and see the wonderful landscape that is in front of your eyes. It is not just Natures Window that is great, I thoroughly enjoyed looking over the cliff edge at the water below. We spotted kangaroos, wild goats and eagles. Our children were 7, 5 and 4 years old when attempting this. The bitumen path takes you all the way down and then the fun begins where you have to walk on rock edges, do-able if your children have good gross motor skills. Not a far of a walk either. 


3. The Pink Lake

pink lake

We arrived in Kalbarri and realised we had taken the ‘non-scenic route’ to Kalbarri and we missed the popular Hutt Lagoon aka Pink Lake. Rookie mistake if doing this for the first time with no research. We parked our van up at the caravan park and back-tracked the 40kms to get there. Was it worth it? Yes! It was a still day so there wasn’t a breeze in the sky. The lake was as still as possible which then gave me the image above. A picture perfect mirror image view. 

Tip- if you can go on a day when there is minimal cloud, the suns reflection gives the lake a more of a pink cpolour. At midday-3pm is the best time to visit. 

4. Blueholes- Snorkeling

Snorkeling was something none of us had tried before traveling Australia, but as we started to travel more we begun to really take an interest in this. The Blueholes is a great place to snorkel and to bring the little ones to learn. We seen heaps of little fish and even a pod of dolphins pass on by. This was the exact spot that Jordan learnt to snorkel. 

5. What to do in Kalbarri- Pot Alley

What to do in Kalbarri- Pot Alley is a popular little nook where lots of tourists head for some great instagram shots. The coastline is stunning and is just waiting for you to bring you photography skills to life when you visit. 

6. Kalbarri Nature Playground

If you are traveling with kids and I will assume you are then a playground is usually on your list of great things to find. We love a good playground because it means 20 minutes possibly more of uninterrupted adult time ( We wish private lol) but hey when traveling with kids that’s not usually the case. The playground is right on the foreshor and directly across from the pub! So icf you have older children you can definetly enjoy some pints and vino’s while the kids have a play!!!

7. Pelican Feeding

At 8.45am everyday (check updated times)  down at the foreshore you can feed the pelicans a great family fun experience.  This is run by the volunteers and the donations go towards buying food for the pelicans. This is an informative session and is run by volunteers. 

8. Tours and Daytrips

Kalbarri has tours and daytrips that take you into the best spots and locations that are only allowed by the tour companies. 

1. Kalbarri Quadbike Safaris

2. Reefwalker Tours and Charters

3. Kalbarri Adventure Tours Canoe the Gorges

4. Kalbarri Wilderness Cruises

5. Kalbarri National Park 

9. The Pub

kalbarri pub

The pub was and always is a non- negotiable for us. Dan always likes to test out a pub when he visits each town and the kids love to enjoy a lemonade and a pub playground if they have one. The Kalbarri Motor Hotel is directly across from the Nature playground on the Kalbarri foreshore. Dan and I enjoyed a vino and beer while the kids played across the road. 

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