What To Do In Coral Bay

What to do in Coral Bay? Read this article to find out just what is there for you and your family on your next exploration. 

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Coral Bay is a very small coastal town 11 hours north of Perth. It really isn’t that big and is host to tourists nearly all year round. It’s bright blue waters and Ningaloo Reef attract tourists from all over the world. We took our 22 foot caravan here and stayed at the caravan park, which let me tell you is absolutely crazy busy! We were lucky we got a spot. A lot of people spend a few days here and continue up to Exmouth for a little more exploring. 


girl snorkelling exmouth

How do I explain the beach here at Coral Bay? Paradise! It is perefct for the kiddies to swim as it is shallow and doesn’t have any waves. What is really cool is that the fish are not afraid to come in and check you out. BUT BEWARE- the water randomly comes right in and washes all your beach belongings away. There were plenty of times that we had to run out and move our pop-up tent from where we had originally put it. 


This is a little secret I am going to let you in on. But you must promise me that when you visit you don’t enter the water with the baby reef sharks. About 500 metres (20 minute walk) North of Coral Bay beach is a small bay, which is a nursery to the baby reef sharks during the months of late September- December. The mother sharks come into the shallow waters to give birth. 

Reef sharks are harmless to humans and won’t attack. They will swim around between the times of 11am-2pm and then they go back out with the tide. 

This nursery is protected and it is asked that you don’t get in with the sharks. Stand and look, take a photo but don’t touch. It is an awesome experience and one for the whole family to experience plus it is FREE. 


At Coral Bay beach is also the place where there is alot of coral. Swim about 50 metres out and you can swim amongst the coral. It is deep enough for the your whole body to fit down. This coral has been touch a lot and you can see there are not a lot of brightly coloured coral. There are fish but limited. Great for the kids and for beginner to get used to the snorkel gear. Don’t forget your underwater camera. We use a Go Pro 7 and it is brilliant! 


Quad Trek Adventures is something that the whole family can do. Although you will need to have the child sit with an adult to be able to control the quad bike. Depending on which tour you choose will depend on duration and costs but click this link for pricing


Even though you can spot small mantarays from the shore, there are tours that take you out on a boat and allows you to swim amongst them. Coral Bay Eco Tours 

These tours aren’t cheap or budget but are fully inclusive of food and drinks on board a luxury boat. 


Yes I have put it down as an attraction. Eating can be an event on it’s own. But it really is a good bakery and it is nice when you sit outside in the courtyard and watch the birds sit up under the eves. Usually there is some cool music playing in the background and you can just chill and absorb the chilled laid back vibe that Coral Bay gives off. 


I would be lying to say we didn’t spend more than an hour here. It was the Australian football grand final  (AFL). If you don’t know what AFL is, it is the culture behind Australian sport and we take it very seriously. So it was a good place to hang and sit back with a few bevvies and watch the game. Nice place to sit and chill too. 

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