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1. What to do in Exmouth?

Upon leaving Perth, Exmouth was a place we couldn’t wait to visit. Neither Dan nor myself had been and we had heard so many great things about it. One being the Ningaloo Reef.  

Exmouth is located 1200kms North of Perth Western Australia, right on the sticky out point of the map. We took the tourist drive up the coast staying at all the towns along the way. We were there in the September/October and found it to be a very popular destination spot loved by many Australians and international tourists.

The beaches and marine life are the main attractions but there are so many other great experiences not to be missed while up there. 

2. Snorkeling In the Cape Range

girl snorkelling exmouth

The National Park in Exmouth is absolutely stunning and snorkeling was one of our favorite things to do! We had recently purchased a Go Pro 7 and couldn’t wait to give it a go. Let me just say that the Go Pro changed my life in movie making. 

Upon entering the Cape Range National Park there are a range of snorkeling spots along the beach. These are amazing and there are marine life everywhere. I spent hours in the water just floating around spotting all sorts of underwater creatures and if you lay still enough they come very very close. 

1. Oyster Stacks

This is by far the best place for Snorkeling. If you want to swim alongside turtles, spot reef sharks in the far and swim with a flurry of colorful fish. This is the place to go. The shore is covered with rocks and to get out there you will have to swim over coral but it is absolutely worth it.
Tip- Get there for high tide which is between 10 am2 pm

2. Osprey Bay 

This is also a campground right inside the National Park. Just imagine waking up to those bright blue waters right at your doorstep. Truly amazing! Also a really good snorkeling spot, this spot I would recommend for the kids snorkeling. There isn’t as much coral and more white sandy beach but still loads fish to spot. 

3. Turquoise Bay

This was Amity’s favorite beach. While we were there we had an array of starfish wash up on the shore. It is a beautiful little bay, with the white sands we all dream of. There is some reef out there although be careful as the current is quiet strong. Some tourists start at the one side of the bay and let the current take them around to the other while they snorkel and then they just walk back. 


3. Community Water Park

children water park exmouth

We spent 5 weeks in Exmouth, our first accommodation spot was 60kms out of town on a working cattle station. We parked our van up and absorbed the red dust. On the days where we did make the trip into town we stopped by the town water park to cool down. This is FREE and shaded. The kids had a ball and after we would head to the grass area next door for a game of chasy to dry off. 

Also right next door to this water park is the town swimming pools. With all these lovely beaches and my kids still beg me to take them to the public pools. Reasonably priced and the kids enjoyed it. 

4. Charles Knife Cannon

Amongst the amazing coastline that Exmouth has to offer lies the rugged wilderness of the land. When you want to have a rest day from the water, head to Charles Knife Gorge and take the drive through the winding roads up to the top. Where you will stop at a picnic area and a view that is absolutely breath- taking. 

There is a hiking trail that you can do called Badjirrajarra Loop, check with the local ranger before taking off especially if you are going alone. 

On our way to the Cannon we seen dingo’s lurking around looking for it’s next meal! Remember to not feed the dingo’s, these animals are wild and will show no mercy!

5. What to do in Exmouth?- Find Turtles

What to do In Exmouth? Find Turtles….yes this actually is a thing but only at a certain time of the year. Yes you can find turtles swimming in the water all year round if you are lucky. The turtle in the above photo I took at Oyster Stacks with my Go Pro7.

Between early November and April is when the turtles come onto the shore to lay their eggs. They beach themselves at night. You can see them at night. Although I do recommend heading to the Jurabi Turtle Centre first to ensure you know the rules and regulations around this to ensure all turtles are kept safe and undisturbed. 

6. Exmouth Discovery Centre

The Exmouth Discovery Center is located right next to the large red prawn The iconic red prawn I might just add. Yes a family picture is required here!  If your children have been learning lots so far, head into the Discovery Center for them to get extra knowledge.In my personal opinion we didn’t find it that great and it is quiet expensive for what it is. Our kids were in and out within 20 minutes and wanting to go back to the beach. 

7. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

When we were staying at Yardie Creek Homestead we were just 12kms away from the lighthouse. Some nights we headed out to watch the sunset at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. We parked ourselves up on the picnic table for dinner, waiting for the sky show. The sun setting over Ningaloo was extraordinary and if you get there a little early have a walk around. Read up about the lighthouse, it has plenty of history and ties in with the SS Mildura Wreck which is not far from the lighthouse. Another cool thing to see in Exmouth. 

Vlamingh head lighthouse exmouth

8. SS Mildura Wreck

The SS Mildura Shipwreck is just a mere 80 meters off the shore. It has a ton of history and is well worth the visit. We did not swim out to the wreck as it is not recommended due to sharks and strong currents. The ship also ties in with the lighthouse, so we visited the ship during the day and that night we had a picnic dinner at the lighthouse. This way all that information was still fresh in our kids minds. 

9. Tours and Daytrips

humpback whale tail exmouth

Exmouth is famous for it’s prime location in the humpback whale migration pattern. This starts from around June but really takes off in July- November.  

1. Whale Watching 

If you are lucky you will see whales passing by the shores of Exmouth, near the Exmouth Gulf. But a true local will up your chances even more. 

2. Swim With The Whales

Now seeing a whale and it’s baby calf swimming in the water is pretty spectacular but swimming with these giants creatures would be even more amazing. Click Here To Find Out More

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