What To Do In Townsville

What to do in Townsville? Well as I write this post I have to really think about what did we did here? We actually came and stayed in Townsville for 3 weeks so we could be closer and have more access to places like dentists, doctors and we also had a lot of mail that we wanted to have sent. 

We knew that when we arrived in Townsville that is wasn’t going to be our favourite city or place. It was busy and after living on the road for 18 months we realised just how much we weren’t keen on the busy cities. 

what to do in townsville
Amity after her dentist visit- No Cavities!

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What To Do In Townsville?

Even though Townsville wasn’t our favourite city this didn’t mean we didn’t find some great things to do while here. There is actually plenty to do, some free and some paid. One of our best experiences was an island just off of Townsville- Magnetic Island. 

The Magic Of Magnetic Island

This is by far one our favourite experiences. We have now been here twice to explore the island and have found more and more to do here each time. The first time we came without our car. We caught the ferry over and utilised the bus services on the island. While this works fine. It is a bit restrictive. 

The next time we came over we drove our car onto the barge. This way we were able to explore all of the island without limitations and we didn’t have to carry our bags around the island. We took our own packed lunch and drinks which made the day cheaper. 

If you want more information about Magnetic Island check out the blog I wrote for Essential Caravans. 

what to do in townsville

Castle Hill Lookout

As you probably know we love a good lookout….well mostly……I love a good lookout and I drag the rest of the family with me. Which I am sure they won’t regret when they grow older. 

I love lookouts as it shows another perspective other than the landscape view that we are all use to. I love that you can see the towns from another angle. It brings such joy to me to see and experience this. 

what to do in townsville

The Strand- On The Foreshore

If your kids are like our kids then yes this is the place to be on a hot day. Cooling off in the waterpark is for all family members and our kids love when we can get in there and have some fun too. 

Now if you don’t fancy cooling off in the waterpark surrounded by screaming kids, then you can head next door to the swimming pool. 

what to do in townsville
I love Kmart and these bathers are from Kmart

Rockpool On The Foreshore

The rockpool on the ocean front is quiet idyllic and is another popular spot for locals and tourists. Equipped with BBQ’s and a playground for the kids this is another family friendly place to visit. Oh and the stinger nets are right next to the rockpool on the right whic is another plus bonus. 

What To Do In Townsville? Feed The Turtles

This is a hidden spot that not many people know about so please look after the turtles when you visit. Riverview Park in Aikenvale has a beautiful river walk that everyone can enjoy. You have the picturesque view of the mountains in the background and bring some bread so you can feed the turtles. 

There are so many popping their heads up waiting to be fed. Even if you miss the turtles, this is still a lovely evening walk. It’s really nice in the months of May-September as the Jacaranda Trees are blossoming which make for a very scenic walk. 

Life on the road has it’s ups and downs. We love our nomadic lifestyle and we love finding new cities and towns to visit. 

When you are in Queensland next, make a stop in Townsville and take a picture/selfie at one of these locations. Be sure to tag the location with @fearlessandfreerange on your Instagram or Facebook to let other travellers and us know.  

Together let’s help every traveller find these great locations. 

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