Top 10 Things To Do In Yeppoon With Kids

Things To Do In Yeppoon

As we travelled around the country we met different families and interacted on different forums, people had RAVED about Yeppoon so we were absolutely pumped to be arriving and exploring all that Yeppoon had to offer. We should have learnt by now that we are the judge of places to see and unfortunately Yeppoon didn’t completely give us the wow factor.  

Yeah it might have a great infinity pool but other than that we weren’t overly impressed. In saying that we really did enjoy our time staying there. As you can see from our list below we found heaps to do and we spent everyday exploring and going on adventures. But we do want to remind everyone to make your own mind up about places and don’t be influenced by others. 

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Yeppoon is located on the East Coast of Queensland and is a seven and half drive North from Brisbane. If you made this trip into a road-trip then you could cover some serious ground and explore so many towns on the way up. 

We have been to Yeppoon more than once and have enjoyed every time we have been. We were even here for Halloween and that was an absolute hoot! 

Yeppoon Main Beach

If you are travelling along the coast with kids then I am going to guess you are going to stop at a beach. We usually find the main beaches to be very busy, especially during school holidays or peak travelling season. Which is why we usually drive around to find a quieter beach within the area. 

Although the main beach does have life guards, toilets, showers plus cafes to grab a bite to eat. It is located on the main street in town and has a kids waterpark on the foreshore. 

Yeppoon Water Playspace

No matter where we travel to, our kids always love the waterparks the most. Here in Yeppoon our kids loved running back and forth from the waterpark to the lagoon, although this distance is about 500 metres so I stayed at the waterpark and read a book and Dan stayed at the lagoon and watched the kiddos swim. The water park is basic and has a few fountains that shoot in the air. This would be perfect for younger children. Next door is a playground where the kiddos can burn some extra energy and dry off after the waterpark. See below.

Yeppoon Foreshore (Appleton Park)

I don’t know about your family but we love it when our kiddos find a playground that they all love! What I mean by this is that all three children enjoy the playground and it is challenging for all of them, challenging enough that they want to stay and play. I would like to say that all children loved this playground but it didn’t work out that way. Our Moomoo (7) and Little C (5) enjoyed the playground but our big boy Jordy (9) didn’t want to play. 

Yeppoon Lagoon

When travelling along the Queensland coast you will find that each major town has a lagoon situated within the town or along the foreshore. Yeppoon is no different, although Yeppoon is the only town that offers an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Pretty special huh? And the best part is that it’s FREE! 

Depending on the weather, Yeppoon can become very windy. We tried to eat chips at the cafe but had them blown onto the floor. The best time to visit the lagoon or the beach is in the morning because after 2pm the wind picks up. 

yeppoon lagoon
Yeppoon Lagoon

Shell World Yeppoon

After you have visited all of the above then you will come to the end (or the start) of your walk and see the Shell World Museum. This is a gold coin donation and offers a great diverse range of shells for both adults and children to look at. The ladies here are really friendly and helpful. We found this tied in really well with our schooling topics, the kids were learning about how shells washed up on the shore. So as you can imagine there were many questions from Little C. 

Wreck Point Lookout

Every suburb/town/city has history, you just have to look for it. We learnt a lot of history here in Yeppoon, this lookout is about three kilometres south of Yeppoon and is where we parked up for our kiddos to do their live lesson with their distance education teacher. These are the times when it is great to have the van towing in the back. Wreck Point Lookout has an upper deck with a directional compass showing where the Keppel Islands are. Plus you can walk down the stairs and find more information on the boards and have a further in depth history lesson while enjoying the views.  

Emu Park

Singing Ship Memorial

This has been the very first park that we have seen of this kind. The ship sings with the sea breeze and it sends a beautiful sound. When we came, it was singing its little heart out and made for a wonderful picnic lunch along the foreshore. This also made for a wonderful history lesson as the ANZAC memorial was right next door. 

ANZAC Memorial Cenotaph

When you arrive you will see that an incredible amount of work has been put into this must see memorial. There is floor to wall information and artwork to learn from and see. Plus the boardwalk will take you to the singing ship.

Halloween In Yeppoon

When you are travelling on the road and the big events come up you sometimes become stuck. It was October 30th and my kiddos were asking…begging to do Halloween. 

So we finally agreed and went ahead with the celebrations and they brought home a bucket full of candy!!! 

Take care everyone and if you have something you would like us to write about then please leave a comment below and we will try to help you out with as much information as possible. 

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