Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Tribulation for 2021

Things To Do In Cape Tribulation- Updated 2021?

Cape Tribulation is usually a spot on everyone’s bucket list when hitting the Queensland borders……which is why you need to add it to yours. Why you ask? Well the amazing coastline is definitely one thing to boast about and the other is that it runs parallel with a luscious rainforest. It is basically where the rainforest meets the beach. We searched and searched for things to do in Cape Tribulation and now we are proud to share them with you.

things to do in cape tribulation

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How To Get To Cape Tribulation (Cape Trib)

Bloomfield Track

There are two ways to get to Cape Tribulation. One way is coming North from Cooktown and taking the Bloomfield Track. I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone who is inexperienced with towing their caravan or doesn’t have a four wheeled drive car. The road is gravel, has potholes and if it has been raining the roads are slippery with some water crossings. Please do your research before taking on this track. 

Daintree River Ferry

The Daintree River Ferry is the other option to visit Cape Tribulation. Yes you can take your car and caravan on the ferry for a small price of $30 return. It is really simple, just arrive and wait till it’s your turn to board the barge. No bookings are required and the barge runs from 8.00am to midnight every day.  

ferry to cape tribulation
The Daintree Ferry

Alexandra Lookout

Alexandra lookout is a popular lookout when visiting Cape Tribulation. Funnily enough the pictures we had seen before arriving were very different to the view we seen. It was a dark and doomy day so visibility wasn’t at its best so there was a lot of low cloud coverage. 

I am sure at one stage this was a great lookout where you could view the bright blue ocean surrounded by ferns. But as time has gone on the trees and ferns have grown thick and have covered the view of the ocean. 

things to do in cape tribulation

Coconut Beach- Myall Beach

As we have travelled around Australia there are only a few places where we have found ripe coconuts. Myall Beach was one of those places. I must say that they were not the best quality but the kids had a great time collecting these and cracking them open when we got back to the caravan park. It was a great experience to fill up our cups and have a drink of the tasty (yet weak) coconut juice. 

***TIP- On Myall beach there is a sharp picket that you can use to crack open your newly found coconuts. We didn’t use this but if you need a sharp object to use then this is here to help. 

The Ocean Safari Tour is a popular company to choose a half day or full day tour from. We actually decided to take a similiar tour from Airlie Beach out to the Great Barrier Reef. But you can also do a similiar tour straight from Cape Tribulation. 

Floraville Ice Cream Factory

Tasty, tasty, tasty…….. Floraville Ice Cream Factory has over 26 ice cream flavours to choose from and let me tell you the decision is HARD! The ice creamery is set amongst the rainforest which makes for a beautiful setting on a hot and humid day for some quick melting ice-cream. Yes, get your power tongues ready to start licking and maybe grab some serviettes for the kids because it may get messy. 

cape tribulation
Image Credit- tripadvisor

Cow Bay

As we travelled down along Cape Tribulation Road we stopped at Cow Bay, now as much as I would love to say that the waters here are safe to swim in, I am afraid it is still a hard no. Some tourists do swim in the waters but at their own risk of being eaten by salties (crocodiles). Don’t let that be you. The waters are not for swimming and are only for taking a stroll and grabbing  the perfect picture. 

Marrdja Boardwalk

While at Cape Tribulation you will certainly gain your steps for your Fitbit. There are plenty of walking trails and hikes that ca be done in the area. All of them are amazing, the scenery is always filled with different trees, lizards, snakes and other animals that you will be lucky to have an encounter with. Like the rare Cassowary, if you see one then thank your lucky stars. 

Are museums your thing? I personally enjoy going to a museum and learning about as much as I can about anything and everything. I find it really interesting. But for Dan and the kids this is not really something they find as interesting as me. 

In saying that we do visit some museums together as a family and have been to many as we have travelled around Australia. Unfortunately for us the Daintree Museum was closed when we were at Cape Tribulation so much to my children’s delight we couldn’t enter. But I have added it to the list of places to visit when heading to Cape Tribulation. 

Another adventure in the rainforest awaits. Yes it is the Daintree Discovery Centre. Each state usually has a stand out discovery centre and I am going to vote for the Daintree Discovery Centre for Queensland. There is plenty to do here including the aerial walk, guided tours, rainforest boardwalk and plenty more. I would like to say that this is all for a reasonable price tag but for our family of five it came it at over $150. (check out prices here)

things to do in cape tribulation

Eat At The 'Cape Trib Beach House'

Now I don’t know about your family but we love a good pub lunch and secretly we have been to at least one (or two pubs) in EVERY town we have camped at. When in Cape Tribulation we decided to eat lunch at the Cape Trib Beach House, we found this place on WikiCamps as we were driving through. 

When finding a pub or restaurant we never search for reviews prior, we simply rock up and give a judgement for ourselves. Dan likes VB (Victoria Bitter) on tap and I like a nice house SSB white wine, the Cape Trib did not have Dans ‘famous’ VB but we still decided to eat here.  Lunch was lovely BUT pricey!!!! The kids meals were $14….. OMG YES! This was the most priciest kids meal we had brought in the entire Australian trip. And no, there were no extras of ice cream or soft drink included. Although we did like that this restaurant offered to swap the chips to vegetables or salad which we thought was brilliant. Overall it was a lovely meal and we really enjoyed sitting amongst the rainforest eating lunch. 

Image Credit- @daintreeinfo

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