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Coffin Bay- Add this to your list of places to camp

Camping In Coffin Bay- When travelling around Australia we think finding an epic camp spot is all part of the fun! We love when we find a really good place to park our van up and have a beautiful view- it’s even better when that place is free or cheap as chips. Now I have to be honest but we are not the best at booking places in advance. We usually like just driving through a town and if we like the feel then we will stay. We are very known for finding a place to stay while driving. Wiki-camps has been our best friend here and is a very useful tool to use for finding some epic camp spots and it also has the most mixed reviews I have ever experienced, so taking those reviews with a pinch of salt is what we recommend. 

Which is how we found Coffin Bay. Our destination was Port Lincoln but we stopped into Coffin Bay and it was beautiful. The bay, the fishing boats and the view. It felt really homely. So we stayed here for a few nights. If you are in Coffin Bay then the National Park Campgrounds is the best place to stay…..well we think anyhoo!

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Location, location, location

We have all heard of that saying ‘location, location, location’. The Yangie Bay National Park campsite is not in the town but a 10 kilometre drive to the other side of the National Park. You will need to drive through some seriously windy roads to get to the campsite and be careful of the unexpected Emu’s that walk on the road. We nearly cleaned up a family one day, so thankful we were doing 20 kilometres less than the recommended speed limit. (check out our video below) 

Which site is the best? Depending on where you want to be located is up to you. We chose the spot closest to the water and had a beautiful view of the lake. We had plenty of space in front of the van where the children played with their trucks and balls. Number 5 campsite was the lucky campsite for us. 

Cost and Amenities

The cost for the camp site is $12.50 per adult, with a $12.50 park fee. All bookings are made online. There is internet at the campground so you can have a look and then book once you are there. Which is what we did. 

The amenities are the usual long drop toilets. No showers, water or dump point. 

There is plenty of shade and sunny sites and large pull through sites for those one nighters. 

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Highlights Of The Camp-Site

The highlights for us were definitely the friendly locals. We had a kangaroo and her joey come to the van looking for water and food. We sat a bowl of water out for them and the kids had a blast. The kangaroos laze around the campsite all day. They are friendly and will happily sit with you to allow lots of photos and cuddles. 

What was unexpected was the emu’s that came to visit. We did not attempt to pat or even walk up to the emu’s as we do know that these big guys are not the friendliest of animals. There was a family of emu’s that did hang around for a while and then went for a swim in the late afternoon. That was pretty cool to watch. 


We really did love our stay here but be careful of the bees.You will find on hot days that the bees come for the water from the van. At day two we couldn’t walk down the outside of our van as the bees had taken over the external water pipe. There were hundreds and in the end we were kicked out by the bees. We needed to empty our toilet cassette but couldn’t get to it. But overall the stay was awesome and we re-book in a heartbeat. 

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