What To Do In Bali With Kids

Over the years between I have visited Bali over 30 times, and it has changed a lot from the first time I went when I was just five years old. It is a lot more modern and is now a lot more established and there is so much to do in Bali with kids. 

We love Bali, from the heat to the Bintangs to watching the sunset on the beach on a beanbag. It really is just as laid back as those sunset evenings all the time. We have a saying about Bali and time is that “Bali time”. Bali time means that there is no rush, just chill. I think that’s why everyone loves Bali so much because it gives off that forgetfulness of the busy lives people are trying to escape and to enjoy the relaxing holiday they are on. 

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Bali and kids is no problemo! Bali is so easy with kids, there is just so much to do at whatever age. Even if you never left your hotel and enjoyed some cocktails around the pool, lazed around on the pool chairs and read a book it would still be a great trip. 

There is so much to do in Bali that the list is forever ongoing, everytime we go we update the article on the things we liked the most. 

For some great feedback from other travellers head to this Australian Facebook page, your every question will be answered Bali Bogans 


The Bali Safari Park is definitely not something to be missed. It really is like you are going on a safari through the savannah. With every african animal you could think of, it is pretty amazing what they have pulled off interms of a safari experience. This does not come cheap! The cheapest is around $72AUD for the Jungle Hopper ticket and that includes a bunch of extras. Check out their website here Bali Safari Park 



We love a good water park and by far the best is the Waterbom Park. We easily spent the day here and it isn’t too far from Kuta, Legian, seminyak. We went on a day that was really quiet so the line for the rides were low, so it made the day a lot nicer. Dan and Jordan loved the boomerang, we all did the lazy river a few times. It really is nice just sitting back and floating down stream (until a waterfall hits you in the face lol). 

Here is a cashless day so you will need to put cash on a wristband. Entry is reasonable at $45AUD for an adult and $37AUD for a child.


Tanah Lot Temple is a one hour drive from Kuta and a one hour drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. Tanah Lot is a rock formation off the coast of Bali and is a popular destination for tourists as this has some absolutely stunning opportunities for a great photography shot. 

Tanah Lot doesn’t have a dress code if only visiting but if you are planning on going inside then yes you will need to dress accordingly. Check out this blog post for more information 

The best time to go is for sunrise or sunset. These are also the busiest times, during the day is very hot. Most people arrive 1-2 hours before the sunset. Entrance fee is $6AUD for adults and $3AUD for children plus a parking fee. 


How great is this! The centre collect unwanted trash from local businesses that they then turn into crafts which they then sell in the store. They also ask for volunteers to bring in trash to assist in the crafts that they make. 

Every month the people working here and promoting a non waste environment offer craft classes to the public which include tourists. These are really informative and empower children for change. 

There are also programs that can be purchased which are for homeschooling families, schools and anyone who wants to bring this into their own family unit. We think this is great and look forward to seeing more pop up over the coming years. 


Who doesn’t love a cooking class. I am an ok cook but to cook international cuisine’s….I actually suck! Dan isn’t much better either. But cooking classes is something that the whole family can get involved in and it encourages the children to taste new foods. 

I recommend Ketut’s Cooking Class, all staff are very accommodating and super helpful with kids. 


Save a day for the Upside Down World and don’t forget to charge your camera batteries the night before. There will be loads of photos to take on the day. 

Upside down world is filled with themed rooms where all the decor and furniture is well…upside down. The staff are here to help you get the epic shot that you want, they give ideas on how to make your photo work for you. 


Never go past the free or cheap things in life. Along most of Bali’s beaches you will find some sweet set-ups. Some more expensive than others. We usually head down and snag a beanbag, which you can get for free upon purchasing a icey cold Bintang or cool drink. 

The business owner will put the umbrella up if you want and you just sit and watch the sunset and just chill and chat. The kids loved swimming in the ocean, although some beaches are filled with rubbish. They didn’t seem to mind while making sand castles on the beach. 

Aferwards the corn man might be around, which can be dinner for a dollar. Char grilled corn on the cob with melted butter and salf. Yummy! 

what to do in bali with kids

Bali is very popular tourist destination for mainly Australians but for also many other nationalities around the world. 

Bali is forever changing, with a new restaurant popping up weekly and another being closed. Bali is always reinventing the wheel with new experiences and things to do. 

I will try my best to keep this article up to date, but before driving out to a place do a quick check to see if the business is still running. 

This is just a small list of things to do and there are hundreds more to add. 

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