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remote jobs where you can work from anywhere in the world

Find your freedom with these top 10 remote jobs

Do you dream of having freedom? Do you want to earn cash and live remote? 

Read my top 10 remote jobs and work from anywhere in the world. Some of these jobs can be full time and some are little side hustles that can bring in a little bit of cash of the side. 


After hanging my boots up as a brick and mortar business owner in Perth Western Australia. I had a thirsty yearn to start another business. But we all know that starting a business from scratch doesn’t mean reliable income straight away so in the meantime I wanted a job that provided me with some income even if it was a little bit, plus to keep me busy. 

So what do I do remotely? I work online as an ESL teacher. This means I teach English online as a second language. I teach English to children in China and Hong Kong via my mobile phone. It works so well! My job can be done anywhere in the world where I can find internet. Find out more about teaching online here 

If teaching isn’t your thing then continue reading this article for more ways to work online and live abroad. 

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Data- Entry

Data-Entry requires little or no experience which is perfect if you are qualified in a different trade. If you have experience in data-entry then you will have a leg up on all the other applicants. So what is data entry you ask? It is where you will enter/copy data from one source into another. Information is sent to you through email or you will obtain this through the company’s login system. You will then enter into this data into another company’s data entry program. You will need internet connection and a laptop for this job. 

*** helps if you already have a sound background knowledge in MS Windows and Excel. 

Remote jobs are highly advertised on International Remote.co, Seek International, Indeed World

English Teacher

Teaching English online is a great way to earn an income online. There are many companies that hire native English speakers with and without a teaching degree. You must have a TEFL or TESOL certificate, which is easy to purchase and you can find for quiet cheap or even free. It takes time to complete the course but after that you are set to start applying to companies from all around the world. 

Teaching English can be very lucrative. Within my first month of working as an online English teacher I earned over $4000!! Pretty crazy right. I still teach and I do this while home schooling my three children. I fit this in at night when the children are asleep so during the day I can spend quality time with the family and we do all the things we like to do. Teaching is up the top in my top 10 remote jobs. 

Read my blog post How I earn $5000 a month teaching English Online with Palfish


Completing surveys online is an easy remote job to obtain and super easy to do online or from your laptop or mobile. This will not replace your full time or even part time income but can be a small addition. If you have spare time on your hands then signing up is free and you have nothing to lose. 

Most company’s pay in gift vouchers like Coles or Woolworths and other big brand companies depending on the country you live in. Some pay in cash and will pay via paypal or direct into your bank account. 

I would recommend signing up to as many as you can. A survey usually takes about 15 minutes and will pay about $2-$4USD ($5AUD). Or you can be paid in points which then converts to a gift voucher of your choice. Which could mean end of year Christmas shopping is paid for! Or flights to another country for your next destinations are paid. 

I have signed up to various companies so I can give an honest feedback review. My feedback is- it takes a lot of time completing these and you get a fairly small return. If you are swapping your social media time for doing a paid survey then I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a job, this isn’t it. One survey a day over 365 days of the year, paying $2 adds up to $728. I see value in this. If you completed 10 surveys a day, then adds up to $7280 a year. Not a bad little side savings plan or holiday fund. 

Freelance Your Profession

What is your profession? Can you start your own business and offer your services to people who need them. If you are a Personal Trainer you can offer virtual online lessons. I travel with my family full-time and I am a freelance writer. I write content for companies about places we have been. This is usually for blogs on their websites. Every company needs or should have blogs set up on their websites. 

If you have an area of expertise or passion that you would like to write about then start as a freelance writer. 

You can advertise on Upwork where people can hire you to write for their website. Or you can contact them direct. I have done both and received work from both. The pay starts anywhere from $50 upwards per blog article.

I can review this and give you feedback. I advertise on Upwork and have been hired for paid gigs. Although these were small and not ongoing. I currently write for three companies on a permanent basis and I approached these companies via email. Our most popular blog is on the Essential Caravans website where you can find our running story of our Australian travels. 

Start Your Own Blog

Which then leads to the next online money making idea. Start your own blog. This is isn’t a get rich now remote job but over time this will and can make you some very decent money when set up correctly. 

I am sure you read many many blog articles online and many of these are monetised blogs where the authors are making money from their passion and blog. Just like how you are reading this blog article. I am earning money from sponsored ads on this page. 

Most of your popular blogs are set up with affiliate links scattered throughout their blog posts. These affiliate links are at no cost to you the reader but if you click on them the blog host will make a small percentage of your sale. If you are wanting to live abroad or make money from home then start blogging about something you are passionate about. 

My review- I have had this website up and running for over a year now and am only now just starting to see an income. It takes time and a lot of work to rate highly in Googles search engines and/or build a good following so your readers come to your website to read your posts. So now is the time to get cracking on your next remote job by building a blog. 

Anything Tech....

The world is in the technological era and it is only going to increase. If you know how to build websites, teach good SEO, photography, programming- anything like that then you can work remote. There are plenty of beginners who need this help to start up their own websites etc and you could be the person who helps them out. Again you can advertise your skills on Upwork or LinkedIN. This also ties into the above freelance jobs, you can create a course and start to sell your knowledge. Knowledge is freedom and power!

I cannot review this and give you my feedback because I am hopeless at anything technological. 

Virtual Assistant

Do you like the idea of regular hours? Do you like the idea of the tasks assigned to you? Then a virtual assistance is the way to go.

This is just like a personal assistant but online. You can be anywhere in the world and be someones assistant. There are many companies who work solely online and are only looking for virtual assistants. 

Your role can be anything from booking meetings, replying to emails, taking phone calls to scheduling social media posts. It really will be up to the business owner to decide but all tasks will be done from your laptop or phone. 

These remote jobs are fairly new to the working world but are advertised on international job seeker sites.

Testing Websites

There is always money to be made online as long as consumers are using the internet. One of those ways is testing company websites. This is another easy job to land. You simply go through the steps and complete the application form. 

Expected amount of pay- this pays $10/$15USD per website tested. Testing usually takes about 20 minutes. 

*** TIP- sign up to as many testing websites there are. This is a higher paying job (up to $45 per hour) but the jobs are NOT endless. 

I have recently given this a go to share my review and I am sent about 15 jobs a day from just one company. All up I get sent about 40-50 opportunities but I do not qualify for most of them. The companies are usually looking for a specific audience and you must qualify. I usually do 2 website tests a day (30 minutes work) which is an extra $210 a week. If you are signed up to many other website testing companies then this will work in your favour and you can earn more money. This is another remote job and will not replace a part time or full time remote job. I then keep this money in a separate bank account for savings. You can check out some websites to sign up here usertesting trymyUI Userfeel 


This is another business that can become very lucrative. This is not an over night remote job either. If set up correctly and you put in the work then this will give you the freedom you desire and a nice paycheck. 

Drop-shipping is when a vendor fulfills orders from a third party and has them ship directly to the customer.The vendor usually pays for the item at a discount by working directly with a manufacturer or wholesaler. Their profit comes from the difference in the initial item cost and whatever price they sell it at. You will add on your market increase and that is where your profit comes in. No handling of stock, no invoices, no staff. Realy simple and this is a solely run online business. 

Review- yes I have built my own successful dropshipping business. It takes time to learn and build. I brought a course from Udemy and followed this step by step. It was a 72 hour course. It took a lot longer but I eventually got there. I ended up selling this business.  

To conclude-

Depending on what your goal is and your current employment status is. You may want to start one or all of these side jobs. I would go through the list and see which one appeals to you. 

I started out trying just about all of them so I can give you a solid review on my thoughts. I was looking for a side job that was going to earn some extra cash while I built up this travel information site. So far the winner for me has been teaching English online. I could continue doing this as a full time job but it is trading time for money which I am not prepared to do full time. My passion lies in travel and delivering the best information to my readers on a daily basis. 

Now that you have a head start on where to look for remote jobs and what are some of the options available. Get started! If you have anymore jobs I would like to hear them. 

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