Top 10 Apps To Travel Australia

Travel Apps For Travelling Australia

In no particular order I have compiled a list of travel apps that can be very useful when hitting the road on your travels around Australia. We use 90% of these apps every week and they have made our travels a lot easier. 

We have saved money and have found some great destinations using the travel apps within Australia.

Our number one travel app for Australia is WIKICAMPS! We use this daily and we even use it to plan our trip. There are so many places to visit and WIKICAMPS can store and plan your trip for you inside the app. It’s offline satellite features are the best and can preview a good road or a road not even worth travelling down. 

*** Just a quick note to let you know that we are no way being endorsed to promote any of these apps. We have used and are still using all of these apps and can vouch for them from our own personal experience. 

travel apps australia

WIKICAMPS- Australia

Understandably this is the most valuable app to use when travelling Australia. It shows you most of the camping, caravan parks, free camp locations plus plenty of points of interests. So much information right here at your fingertips. 

Cost- $10.99 one time purchase

travel apps australia


With fuel being one of your top 3 expenses you will want to save some money when purchasing fuel. We love grabbing a Coles voucher and saving $20 on filling up. Add this to your flybuys card and you have a great saving. We usually get a gas bottle free with the 20c that we save on each litre of fuel. 


travel apps australia


Yeah why not save your travel details and photos in a travel app. We have downloaded this app for the kids to use and they take photos with their Ipads. They have photos of their friends and other random pictures. It is a great way to have a travel diary. You can even download all the stored information after. 



Yes this app rocks! We have countless playlists for every genre we love. If music isn’t your thing you can find podcasts, sleep stories for the kids, mediation and limited audio-books. 


(the upgraded version is worth the money as you can play your playlists offline) 

Follow- Fearless and Free Range. Check out our Fire-Pit Playlist


Who doesn’t love a good free WiFi connection. We sometimes use this to find a library or will choose a cafe for some free WiFi if we are stopping by into a town. This helps when you are low on data or the kids have chewed through most of it and you want to download a movie from Netflix to watch offline. 


WAZE- Maps App

For a long time I used Apple Maps. Now I am completely hooked on Waze. This app tells you where there are speed cameras, traffic jams and has lots of added extras. 



If you are travelling for a while and then you can bring some comfort with you. We have hit the road indefinitely and we purchased Netflix after six months of being on the road. No regrets!

COST- $14.99P/M

Surfshark- this is great if you want some more variety. For a small fee you can buy a VPN and have access to Netflix from 15 other countries. 

FIRST AID- Australian Red Cross

I must admit we haven’t used this app as much as the other apps. BUT I am glad I haven’t needed to. Although we haven’t used it in an emergency, the app has been great for teaching the children about First Aid. It has quizzes inside the app and learning demonstrations. 

Australian Bites and Stings- This is another app which can be powerful if ever needed. 

travel apps australia


If you have kids then this is a great app. We have used this many times and found it very useful when passing through a new town. We track down a playground and the kids can get out and stretch the legs while we make some lunch. 


travel apps australia


This is a free app which allows you access your local library via the app. You can download audiobooks to borrow. The kids really enjoy this. They enjoy listening to an audiobook. 

EPIC- This is another app with kids storybooks both audio and reading. There is a free version which we use and a paid version. 


Yes this is a pretty cool app and it makes even more cool when you can get a snapshot of the awesome stars in the sky with your GoPro or camera. We have only been using the SkyView app in the past few months but definitely worth it. 


Do You Know Of Any Travel Apps?

That is our list of apps that we use or have downloaded when we hit the road. If you have any must have apps that should be added to the list please let me know so I can include them. 

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