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1. What to do in Bussleton

Bussleton, what a beautiful place to spend some time out. We loved Bussleton we spent a month living here. During the month of November to December we were blessed with great weather. Often the weather was a little too hot, up around the 37 degree mark but the beaches up and around were amazing. Being Christmas time the streets were decorated with christmas decorations and even on the foreshore there was a large Christmas tree lit up at night. 

Lucky for us we joined in on all the Christmas festivities that Bussleton had to offer. We had a free movie on the foreshore (BYO blanket and pillow). We loved the Carols by Candlelight- the kids loved singing the Christmas songs- even us adults got involved!! 

If you are from Australia you will have heard of Bunnings, if not it’s our go-to hardware store. I love this place and so does Dan and the kids. If around a Bunnings store at Christmas make sure you check out their webiste for the childrens Christmas activities. They put on such a treat- we had a free sausage sizzle, loads of art and crafts, popcorn, fairy floss, a climbing wall, face paint, reptiles. the list goes on and all FREE!!!!

You can either use the table of contents or scroll down to see all the amazing things to do in Bussleton with kids!


bussleton jetty wa

Bussleton is such an icon within the town. Believe it or not this jetty is the longest in the southern hemisphere. The walk to the end is 2kms long. How cool is that! Definitely a good reason to take the hike to the end. Alternatively you can catch a train if you have little legs that wont last to the end. Entry onto the Jetty is about $4 an adult. The train starts from $12 an adult and $6 a child. 

We decided to walk, silly silly mistake. Our trip to the end wasn’t all sunshine and roses. Mr Cayden who was 5 at the time whinged the whole way. He made it to the end only because we bribed him with a $2 coin and an icy cold lemonade at the pub. At the end was the discovery centre more on that later in the article. But on the way back I had to piggy back him. A great workout for my quads!!! Not so good for the relaxing scenic walk back. 


bussleton foreshore playground

We love a good playground! You know the ones, the ones that you can sit back and the kids explore and love finding all the knooks and crannys. Bussleton Foreshore was great for this. It has enough grass space and BBQ’s to prepare dinner while the kids play and also enough for them to do while you can kick back and relax. 

Be prepared- this also has a water feature! We did not know about this, we were originally meeting up with friends for lunch in the flash restaurant nearby and we didn’t bring spare clothes. Rookie mistake I know! But it was a hot day and the kids dried off pretty quickly. Only half of this playground is a water feature and the rest id a ship. It is a very good addition to the foreshore and we enjoyed many days down there playing. 


bussleton geographe bay

We love a good beach and spend most of our coastal exploring days swimming at Western Australia’s top beaches. While Bussleton doesn’t have the crystal clear waters, it does have the shark nets and low tides for the kiddies to have a swim located right next to the Bussleton Jetty. Our kids particularly loved the little U- shaped jetty to jump off. They spent hours running around and bombing off into the water. Plus the snorkeling is great! We spotted pink coral, schools of fish and manta rays…how cool! Geographe Bay extends for more than 30kms and starts from Bunbury and ends in Margaret River. 

Dunsborough is only a 20 minute drive up the road and offers the crystal clear waters we all love. Our favourite beach was Meelup Beach. It is 20 kms from Bussleton and is a calm no wave beach with white sands. The life guards are friendly and if you wanted to you could hire stand up paddle boards for the day. We headed down there with friends and had a BBQ for lunch, it was lovely. We took the coastal drive back, keep reading for more places near Meelup Beach. 


augusta with kids

What to do In Bussleton? The Discovery Centre is another way to learn about all the marine life found in the South West. It is an interactive way to learn while traveling. We opted not to take part in this, this trip and will explore more when the upgrade has been done in 2022. Bussleton have big plans for the Jetty and the Discovery Centre, putting an underwater restaurant….how cool!!!


ff- deadly dicovery

Discover Deadly is just 14kms from Bussleton town and is well worth the drive. Amity got to hold a snake and we learnt lots of valuable information about reptiles and mainly snakes. If your kids are adventurous like ours then this will be highly valuable information, especially if a snake bite happens. Our tribe are always outdoors and we are always exploring, in Australia snake common and Australia hold home to the top three venomous snakes of the world. 


We did a real quick stop over here, mainly for a glass of wine and to see the flowers. Both were great. Miss Amity really loved the farm animals, she is animal obsessed. Which turned out great because there was lots for the kids to do to keep amused while Dan and I sat back and relaxed. I even picked up a bottle of essential oils, I use the lavender in my diffuser at night time when trying to settle the kids after an adventurous day. It was a great stop by on our return from our friends house. 


candy cow western australia

Ok so yes I caved!!!! The kids had found out about this place from another traveling family and the name ‘Candy Cow’ sounds well…..yum! So On the way out to the beach we made a stop by. Walking in was like walking into Willy Wonker and The Chocolate Factory. The kids eyes lit up and all they were saying was ‘can I have this?’ ‘Can I have that?’ 

I found the prices very reasonable. I gave my children a $2 spending cap and they came away with alot of lollies. I even found some me to much on for the drive. 

We had just missed out on the candy demonstration at 11.00am (it was 10.30am) and I didn’t have the will power to stay in a candy shop with three kids for another 30 minutes. 

All staff were friendly and were happy for us to sample lollies, fudge, honeycomb! It was heaven on Earth my kids. 



what to do in dunsborough with kids

Right outside Bussleton is a small town called Dunsborough. This town is only 30kms  or less from Bussleton so I am going to combine all great spot into the one article. One of those great spots is the Injidup Natural Spa. This is very well known to locals but I am here to spill the beans to the world! 

As you arrive you will enter a carpark, park your car, grab your items for swimming etc and head to the LEFT, there will be a path (very faint but definitive path). Follow this until your hit the boulder of rocks, no there are not any signs. This is a hidden retreat remember! Once you hit the boulder of rocks you must veer right and climb over the large boulders. This can be a mission but I can assure you it is worth it! 

We did get there and it was awesome, the waves crashed through the rocks and the water coming through was like little bubbles of champagne. The big rocks held the heat and you could lay on them and sunbake. The only doenfall was that our two youngest were afraid of the crabs, they were petrified to get into the water or even climb to there! 

It was funny and family like all rolled into one. But if you do get the opportunity to go…

  • TIP- take some beers/wine and just chill, it truly is a magical place to be at. Oh and choose a hot day, the water temp can be pretty icey! 


If you are staying Bussleton then this will be a 20minute drive from where you are. Only 30kms so not far at all. I thought it would be a good idea to hit the maze and go as a family fun event. Well the day we went was 35 degrees, yeah it was HOT HOT HOT! Thankfully the maze provided water pistols which could be filled up at the water fountains inside the maze. Dan and I didnt mind getting squirted in the face that day. 

The maze itself was actually a challenge. There were four doors you needed to get to, we found 3 and the fourth was an absolute challenge to not only us but to everyone at the Maze. I would like to say we figured it out in an honest way, but no. After an hour Dan cheated and found the ‘secret’ to finding the fourth door. I won’t share the ‘secret’ here. I was secretly thankful it was over. 

It was a great family fun day though, each child had a turn at leading the way. No one pushed against their leadership and we all followed. After the maze the our kids enjoyed the bouncy castle. I am pretty sure they enjoyed that bouncy castle more than the maze. 

In the cafe each table has hand held puzzles that you must try and work out. These were GREAT! It was so good to see our kids working together and trying to figure out these puzzles. The chips are super cheap and you get quite a good portion. We took our own picnic lunch but also ordered a bowl of fries, yes they were good!!


Just like every other town, Bussleton also has many tours and day trips that you can take. Below are is a list that are family friendly. These are not in anyway a budget list. 

1. Forest Adventures

2. Whale Watching 

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