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things to do in ayr

Funnily enough we stopped twice in the town of Ayr. This wasn’t a bad nor good thing, it was just part of our travel route and to be completely honest we didn’t stop here because of the great tourist attractions either. I am pretty sure we stopped here the second time because we had to get our car serviced (yes we keep our car serviced for EVERY CHECK UP). We can also give you the run down of places to see here and around Ayr if you are planning to stop or visit here. 

Ayr is located just outside of Townsville, about 70 kilometres south of Townsville to be exact. I would say that Townsville is the ‘big city’ and Ayr is the quiet town that people go to escape the hustle and bustle. But to be honest that is really just my guess. I know that after two weeks in Townsville we were most certainly looking forward to the next quiet town, as Townsville is certainly busy (way to busy for us).

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Things To Do In Ayr?

So why visit Ayr? Well I’m going to say that you can explore most of the tourist attractions in Ayr in 24 hours, I am going to be brutally honest here and say that we didn’t really find Ayr that interesting. We were happy to move on to the next town or city. But if you include outside towns and cities like Home Hill and Townsville then you could find yourself staying for a bit longer. Which is what we did. We stayed at the Home Hill Showgrounds and explored the surrounding areas from there. Check out our Townsville run down here.

Below I will give you a run down of places to visit and see within the town of Ayr.

Ayr Nature Display

Visiting nature places can be boring and let me tell you my kids can totally vouch for that! We have taken them to so many museums that they should have their own Youtube channel to teach all that they have learnt and seen. 

The Ayr Nature Display struck their interest! I didn’t expect it to be so much in detail but it was. We spent about an hour here and the arrangement of all the collections here are truly amazing. 

Plantation Park

Plantation Park is a lovely park situated in the heart of Ayr. This made for a great morning out and the kids loved the space to run around. It offers a good playground with water fountains too. It was such a sunny day that we decided to do the kids distance education on the picnic tables here. Fresh air and school work never hurt anyone…..

things to do in plantation park

Alva Beach

Alva Beach is a short 15 kilometre drive from Ayr, if the top end humidity is getting to much then head to the coast which may give a little relief. Alva beach isn’t among the best beaches we have seen but it did have a nice sea breeze when we went. Unfortunately swimming is not recommended which totally sucks when your sweating on a hot day. 

Ayr Skatepark

If you have kids then a visit to the skatepark is a pretty cool ‘free’ stop over. If we are ever passing through a town we usually find a skatepark where we can stop and have some lunch and the kids can have a skate. This skatepark got the tick of approval by the kids, it is bright blue and has high and low jumps for all ages.

Stardust Drive In Movie Theatres

Unfortunately we didn’t get to experience this wonderful night at the Stardust drive in theatre. I am passing on some information that my other travelling friend told me about. Basically you pay $10 per person and get to watch two movies that are played back to back. No food is allowed to be brought in BUT you can buy burgers for $8 or you can turn it into a combo for $12 and get chips and a drink.  

Check Stardust Movies to check latest movies and season opening times. 

North Queensland is blissful and we thoroughly enjoy exploring and visiting each and every town. The humidity can get high and can make camping experiences quiet uncomfortable, lucky for us we have a really good air conditioner in our caravan. But overall we enjoyed our stay through Ayr. 

As always, comment below and let everyone know any other places to visit within the area. This helps everyone have the best trip ever! 

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