What To In Walpole With Kids

What to do in Walpole with kids? There is plenty of fun cool stuff to do. With Walpole being so close to either Denmark, Pemberton and Manjimup you can do a day drive from either of those neighbouring towns or do what we did and stay in the town of Walpole to maximise all that Walpole has to offer. 

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What to do in Walpole with kids? 

We had a great time here in Walpole, we came through from Pemberton and stayed here until we had explored everything that we wanted to. It was summer so there were some warm days but that didn’t stop us. 

Walpole is home to some beautiful beaches and we made sure we tested them out. The kids loved the surfing beaches and riding the waves in. Dan and I just loved driving through the National Park and being surrounded by all the tall karri trees, it was just beautiful and peaceful. I think the sun peeking it’s way through the treetops just made the scenery that little bit extra special. 


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The tingle tree wasn’t to far off the beaten track. A 2wd can easily access it and it is only a 20-25 minute loop walk, so little legs might be able to handle this one. The tree is massive!!!

The track is partly paved and then gravel which a pram can get through easily. There are also some information signs along the way if you have any interested to read and gather up some history. 


Now this is what Walpole is very well known for. If you have walked among the giants on ground level then it is another experience to walk among them 40 metres in the air. 

The walk is a couple hundred metres long and the view among the treetops is breath taking. All is safe for children and is pram and wheelchair friendly. Pricing for this is on the more pricey side. You can check out prices here 

ANCIENT EMPIRE WALK- this is FREE and you can enter through the gift shop. It is in the same area as the paid attraction. 


ff- fernhook falls

Fernhook Falls is best to go and visit during the winter months where the water is at it’s highest and is gushing. We were here in the summer and were told by the visitor centre that it was at a small trickle so we chose not to go. 

If you are camping/caravanning you can camp here submerged in nature and very close to the falls and deep river. Fees do apply and you can book here. Due to the popularity you will have to pre-book.  


walpole kids

Mandalay beach is named after the  three-masted Norwegian Barque “Mandalay” which was beached on the 15th of May 1911. 

It is well worth the visit and  cooling off on those barmy summer days. The kids can have dig in the sand, a play in the water and if you are keen like me, you can do some beach exercise of running up and down the beach access track. 


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The National Park is home to nearly all of the attractions that Walpole has to offer. With over 355kms of karri trees it’s beauty starts from the ground and towers hundreds of metres into the air. 

Throughout the National Park are one way roads so if you plan it carefully you can see most if not all of the landmarks mentioned in this blog post. Head to the visitor centre to find out your preferred driving route to get the most out of your trip in Walpole. 


humpback whale tail exmouth

View the whales on their migratory journey from the conspicuous cliff location. Be sure to remember your binoculars for better viewing. Although many times you can spot them splashing around and whipping their tales in the air playfully. 

The best time to spot the whales is in the winter months from June- November. They like to hug to coast as they migrate south. We unfortunately missed them, next time for sure! 

If you have any other great spots to visit with kids in tow I would love to know and I can add them to the blog post- what to do in Walpole with kids! Drop them in the comments box. Thanks 

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