What To Do In Ingham

Ingham is a small town located  just over 100 kilometres from the city of Townsville and has a population of just over 4500 people. This may be a small town but it also has plenty of history. 

Did you know in 

– In 2009 The Herbert River reached a height of over 12 metres and flooded the town in 2009.

– In 2011 Cyclone Yasi (a category 5 cyclone) hit and nearly destroyed Ingham.

– In 2013 the Ingham Cyclone Centre, built a building capable of resisting winds of up to 300 km/hr, was officially opened.

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What To Do Ingham?

Ingham is a great place to stop in between Mission Beach and Townsville. There are plenty of places to visit and see, plu san array of accommodation to fit every family budget. We enjoyed our stay here and highly recommend it if you are travelling doing a short or long trip around or in Australia. 

Wallaman Falls

 The National Park offers camping options for Wallaman Falls is a highlight for many travellers travelling Queensland. The view of this amazing gorge is simply beautiful. The walk is about 20 minutes to the bottom, where you will be able to cool off in the swimming hole. The walk up is a little harder and takes a little bit longer. 

The Wallaman falls can be found 50 kilometres east of Ingham. Although I would advise that is only for camping and small camper trailers/cars.

What To Do Ingham?- Forest Foreshore

This one is for the kiddies! Our kids love a good playground or beach but put them both together and BAM….we have a winner of a day! The beach has a stinger net which is perfect for when it’s stinger season and some shells can be found in the sand. 

The foreshore is equipped with BBQ’s, change rooms, toilets and showers. Plus of course the playground. There is plenty of grass to kick a ball and enjoy a picnic lunch or dinner. 

Lookout Of Ingham Countryside

What to do in Ingham? Drive down Wallaman Falls Road, park your car and just sit, relax and wonder. The beautiful landscapes of the Ingham town and countryside are offered here at this lookout. Even with cloud coverage this still akes for a lovely lookout. 

Crystal Creek

Crystal Creek Cascades is located 40 kilometres south of Ingham. Swimming here was a highlight of our trip through Ingham. It really is fun for the whole family. There are slides that are imprinted in the rocks with running water. These make for a really good slippery slide, it really is natures playground here! 

We only did a daytrip out here but you can camp just up the road from the cascades. The campground has a swimming hole next to it so you can swim all day in the fresh water

Jourama Falls

If you are a keen hiker then this may just be up your alley. A confortable 3 kilometre round trip will lead you to your pot of gold at the end of the trail. The wonderful Jourama Falls…….

The best time to visit the falls is after the wet season, the falls are in full flow and the return on your walk will be 110%. 

what to do in Ingham

When travelling around Australia it is really important to give back to the little towns. If you can buy a coffee, eat in a restaurant or buy lunch at the local bakery this is making a big difference to all of Australia’s small and large businesses. Thank you 

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