What To Do In Cairns With Kids

Our family love far north Queensland. When we first arrived we were overwhelmed by the luscious green rainforests and the fresh water swimming holes that we found on our journeys. This was something we never had in Western Australia Perth. So it was all a bit exciting and we made the most of every single minute we were here! 

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What To Do In Cairns With Kids?

For us as a travelling family we knew our time was limited up here in the north of Queensland. Unlike Perth, far north Queensland has a wet season and we had already made the decision we were not going to stay here to witness it. We always explore FNQ between the months of April and November as the wet season is usually between December-March every year. Below is a list of what to do in Cairns with kids. I hope you enjoy and find lots of good tips when you are here. 

Visit Hartley's Crocodiles Adventures

hartleys crocodile adventures
photo credit @hartleyscrocodileadventures

This is a popular point of interest for both locals and tourists. Seeing a human getting up close and personal with a 3 metre croc is unheard of. Which is why it brings so many tourists to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. It brings a sense of adrenalin to your skin and the kids love it….cough cough…we ALL love it!!! 

What to do in Cairns with kids?
Skyrail Cable Car

what to do in cairns with kids
photo credit@Cairns Skyrail Cable Car

Oh look at the views!!! This is a must do when visiting Cairns. I must admit this is an expensive outlay for the family to do but it is well worth it and is something that only Cairns Skyrail Cable Car has to offer. But if this out of your price range then don’t stress because there is so much to see and do in Cairns that will keep the family happy without blowing the budget. 

Visit The Cairns Aquarium

What to do in Cairns with kids??? 

Cairns Aquarium is another great family day out when in the top of Queensland. The kids will love walking around and exploring the different areas of the aquarium and seeing the sharks swimming around. The touch-pool is a favourite with everyone, it is where you can touch manta-rays and starfish with your bare hands. This worked out so great for us as the kids were learning about marine life for their schooling subject so it tied in well. 

Explore The Table Atherton

Do you want to get out of the big smoke? We like exploring in and outside all city centres. Often enough outside of the cities is where you find the golden nuggets of nature. Which is why I recommend you take the drive out to the Table of Atherton and spend a few nights or the week here. The weather is just perfect. 

Campbells Lookout

Campbells lookout is a great little lookout within the city of Cairns. You can drive up to the top and enjoy a beautiful lookout over the city. These are types of lookouts we enjoy. We love these because it gives a totally different view of the town/city. I personally love to just sit and breathe in the fresh air. 

Muddy's Playground and Boardwalk Walk

We have three kids so a playground visit is always on the cards. Muddy’s playground was awesome. We wore the kids out by going for a walk along the boardwalk and then letting them run wild and play for an hour or so here. They had so much fun and we never under estimate the beauty of a good playground. 

Lay About At Cairns Lagoon

what to do in cairns with kids

When you arrive in Queensland you realise that the beaches are beautiful and stunning but NOT for swimming…..the temptation is hard. But when you hear the locals tell you about when they seen the last salty (salt water crocodile) lurking about then you really start to lose that inclination to swim in those crystal clear blue water beaches. And even if the crocs don’t scare you then the stingers will during stinger season (November-March). Which is why you will find lagoons all along Queenslands coast. Cairns lagoon offers some amazing views of the beach, it has lifeguards, change rooms and plenty of grass to sit back and relax. 

What to do in Cairns with kids?-
Josephine Falls

Oh Josephine. The Josephine waterfalls and swimming hole are ranked amongst some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tropical North Queensland Australia. We can confirm that this is TRUE! This is such a beautiful location and it’s FREE. We love it when we find amazing locations that don’t cost an arm and a leg to enter and we can help to take care of this by not leaving any rubbish behind and picking up any left by others. 

Befriend A Butterfly

A trip to the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda is kind of like being inside nature’s version of a kaleidoscope.

Home to over 2000 tropical butterflies and moths, you’ll be squealing with delight each time you spot an electric blue Ulysses or majestic green and yellow Cairns Birdwing.

Don’t skip on the guided aviary tour because 1) it’s FREE and 2) you’ll get to learn the butterfly’s life cycle and behaviour before checking out the breeding laboratory, which houses up to 4000 caterpillars.

Most importantly make sure you wear bright colours  – they recommend red, white or hot pink – to attract your new fluttering friends!

Cost: Entry will set you back $19.50/adult.

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