We are Fearless and Free Range. Daniel, Kylie, Jordan, Amity and Cayden make us the Fearless5. We are a family full time travelling Australia who one day plan to travel the world. 

In 2017 we made a rad decision while on travelling through Thailand to pack up our home here in Perth Western Australia, sell all our belongings, rent our house and be full-time travellers while still working along the way. This decision took all of 3 weeks to decide and it started with only going for 12 months and very quickly turned into a ‘no-end’ lifestyle flip. Life is for the living-right and it excited us to jump in with two feet first!! We purchased our new home on wheels in December 2018 which was a 22’ Essential West Coast Cruiser Caravan to travel around Australia with no real plans in mind.

We both agree that life is just to short to wait around, we want our lives to be filled with adventure, exploration, fun and spending our days with our fast growing children. We will be learning as we go, learning from what doesn’t go right and taking each day as it comes. You just don’t know what you don’t know BUT there is one thing we do know and that is memories are priceless compared to possessions.
In 2019 we began the journey of fearlessly homeschooling our children and raising them in the unconventional world of learning life through hands on experience and being on the road. 

Follow us on our journey and be sure to interact with us while we travel. We are always open to meet up and have a cold bevvie on our journey or assist with questions you may have.

Fearlessly Living and Exploring

Dan and Kylie x