What To Do In Tully Queensland

Did you know that Tully is the wettest town in Australia. We learnt this while be washed away in a flood…..no I’m only joking. But yes it rained non-stop while we camped here. The rain did not ease up and in the end we made a home made funnel and collected the rain water and ran it back into our tanks for our water supply. 

So how wet is Tully? Well the average rainfall every year is roughly 4 metes and the highest rainfall was 7.93 metres in 1950!! That’s a lot of rain. The town is proud of the golden boot and they will happily tell you many rainy stories from the past.

catching rain in tully

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What To Do In Tully

Tully may be a small town but to say there is nothing to do here would be a flat out lie. Yes it rained a lot but we still made the most of our days here. 

We stayed at the free accommodation at the Tully Self-contained RV Park. Head to the visitor centre and grab your 48 hour pass to stay here. You have water, dump point and a concrete slab. This place used to be a an old caravan park which shut down for renovations but never opened back up. 

Visit The Golden Boot

what to do in tully

The golden boot is situated just as you enter the town strip. It sits a nice 7.4 metres high. You really cant miss it! The size of the boot is how much rain was fallen in the wettest year and the boot represents a trophy for the wettest town. 


Have A Refreshing Swim At Alligators Nest

Tully may just be the wettest town but it is still sticky and humid and when the sun comes out to play it’s hot, hot, hot! Alligator’s nest is the place you want to be. A great swimming hole with plenty of shade too. The crystal clear waters are inviting and the water is refreshingly cool. The creek is only a 50 metre walk from the carpark. 

what to do in tully
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Visit The Sugar Mill

Ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes at a sugar mill?

Tully Sugar Mill is one of the very few sugar mills that continues to allow tourists to inspect the operations as part of guided tours organised through the Tully Visitor & Information Centre. Queensland is known for it’s sugar cane and we found it really interesting when we started to learn about the process and how the sugar is processed. Check out the website for tours and regulations. 

Go White Water Rafting

With Tully being the wettest town in Australia you can just imagine what the rapids would be like after the wet season or all year round. No need to fly to Bali for white water rafting when it is right here in Tully. This is something to do with the family but keep in mind that the minimum age is 5 years old. A big day full of fun for the whole family. 

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