What To Do In Margaret River

What To Do In Margaret River

Are you stuck on ideas for things to do in Margaret River? Look no further. You can either scroll down the page and read at your leisure or use the table of contents for quick referencing. 

Table of Contents


Margaret River is very well known all the way around the world. Every year the World Surfing League is held and the town is busy with tourists and surfers ready to tackle the waves. The town vibe reflects the surfing vibe and feels very laid back. 

As we entered the South West Region of Western Australia we knew straight away that we were going to love it. I think it was just a mixture of chilled vibes, breweries, wineries and the idyllic backdrop from the landscape of Western Australia. 


what to do in margaret river

Caves Road is the place to go! There are 3 main caves in Margaret River, all of them have their own interesting backstory. We chose Mammoth Cave and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our 3 youngsters went through the entire listening audio intrigued to what the tour guide was saying. It really is interesting and the sink hole at the end was stunning! We highly recommend doing a cave visit when going to Margaret River. Click here for pricing and more information. 


what to do in margaret river

Margaret River is very well known for its surfing. Every Margaret River has hosted the World Surfing Titles. As we came down to Prevelly Beach there was a junior surfing competition on. It was really cool to be witnessing a small snippet of what it feels like when the whole world comes here. 


what to do in margaret river

After a long day of exploring we dropped into the Berry Farm for a cold bevvie and a play for the kids. It is located 13km from Margaret river and has loads for the kids to do. We sat outside under a nice shady tree while the kids roamed the large grass area boucing from playground to playground. Yes they have two! Plus lawn games, Mr Jordan taught us how to play chess with the large life size game. We would highly recommend coming here if you have children and they like playing outside. 


What!!! A chocolate factory? Yes you guessed it, it really is nothing compared to Willy Wonker’s set up but can definitely put a smile on any child’s dial upon entering. Our three children headed straight for the chocolate samples, where you can spoon handfuls of chocolate into your hand and eat the chocolate buttons as you walk around looking at more chocolate to buy. It was a scorching hot day the day when we we went and those chocolate buttons melted quick! 

We really liked the small fun size chocolate, they are $2 and have some really weird flavours. We ended up grabbing bacon and mango white chocolate, green tea fudge and the kids loved their cookies and cream chocolate. They didn’t break the bank and they were tasty. If you wanted to you could order lunch and have a whole chocolate fondue be brought to your table.  Pop it on the list and stop in for morning tea! Margaret River Chocolate Factory


This has to be the best skate park we have seen since we left Perth. If you or your children love to skate, scoot or bmx then this is the place to go. It’s new, it’s big and it has all the ramps and bowls. Unfortunately for us our stay here was quickly dampened by the two boys colliding. Mr Cayden nearly knocked his two front teeth out, while Mr Jordan cut his ear and had blood all over his face. 

After this accident happened, everyone who was there rushed over with first aid kits and helped us so much it was a real delight. I was so thank-ful to all the youngsters who ran to the boys aid, it really showed their true colours. Cheers to Margaret river skaters for that day. 


what to do in margaret river

Here is a little secret place we liked to go to have a picnic and swim. The waterfall was small the time of year we went which was November, but would be gushing in the winter months. It was lovely to hop over the rocks and laze about while the heat from the rocks warms your body. The kids enjoyed spotting marron hiding under the rocks. The water was a beautiful temp and was great for a paddle. You can find this on Kevill Road in Margaret River. 


The Sunflower Animal Farm is great for kids of all ages. Affordable to get in and there are times where you can feed the orphan animals. Located just 6kms out of Margaret River, find out prices here. Our three children loved this place, we spent nearly 3 hours here. We took a picnic lunch and the day was very enjoyable. If your children love animals as much as ours then the Sunflower Animal Farm is a definite must see! 


what to do in margaret river

Just outside of Margaret River is a small town called Cowaramup. The town is a quirky little town and as you drive through you will see loads of life size cows. Also in this town is the Candy Cow shop, which is 11km from Margaret River. We stopped in and the children had a ball choosing some lollies. They each had $3 and could fill their bag up. 

If you time your visit well you can watch the candy making show at 11.00am. 


Yes another bike park. We like to encourage our kids to get outdoors as much as possible. So we are glad they all have a passion in bmx and scooters, they love stopping in each town and practicing their tricks at the skate parks. This one was right where we needed to fill the caravan up with water so it worked out well. The kids played while we organised our liquid gold. 


I mean seriously who can go past the dairy company. I am a sucker for gourmet cheese and paired up with a nice wine, sounds like an afternoon in heaven. Dan on the other hand cannot stand cheese and refuses to eat it, I know he’s crazy but I eat enough cheese for the both of us. 

The dairy company was great, it was nice to taste lots of the cheeses and some yoghurts too. I did walk out with some brie and Camembert. 


We do like to stop and have a couple of cold bevvies after a day of exploring. It’s nice we get to test out the different pubs etc too. The reason we went to The Beer Farm was the 200 metre supervised waterslide they had set up on the grass. It was brilliant, our kids wore their bathers and we sat back while they had a blast. The vibes at the pub were awesome and we didn’t want to leave. Check the website for the events and for when this kicks of each year. 


The name says it all. An icecream store, the best bit is that you can taste all the ice creams first before you choose which flavour to settle on. 

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