What To Do In Innisfail

Innisfail is located a short of 88 kilometres south of Cairns. This may look like a sleepy town but you will be completely blown away when you arrive and begin exploring. The green hills and agriculture are in full swing and are beautiful see over a sunrise. We really enjoyed our stay here in Innisfail and the friendly locals were always willing to have a chat and help out with hidden treasures to explore. 

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What To Do In Innisfail

We stayed at Mena Creek Campgrounds. This place can be found on Wiki-camps and is a homestay/farm-stay. Sarah the host is amazing and she has a wealth of knowledge about the area. We had access to the creeks on her property for fishing and swimming. Plus kayaks and farm animals to pat. The view was simply picturesque and everyday we woke up we were in awwe of the landscape surrounding us. The only downfall is that there is limited level ground and when it rains the red mud is in full swing. But hey I think that’s a small price to pay and is all part of the camping experience. 

what to do innisfail
The view from our van@Mena Creek

Australian Sugar Industry Museum

As you drive further north you will see more and more sugar cane fields. Sugar cane has been around for more than 100 years and has evolved over time to an industry that thrives here in Queensland. We really had no idea about sugar cane before we arrived here in Queensland and we are so glad we took the time to visit the museums and sugar mills as we travelled. We as a family have learnt a great deal about this industry. 

Another great place to visit is the Australian Sugar Industry Museum. The cost to enter is reasonable and the volunteers are very friendly and loaded with information. 

Paranella Park

If you want a hit of history then Paranella Park should be high on your bucket list when visiting Innisfail. This beautiful park was home to Jose and Margarita Paranella. The home was built by hand and all constructed from concrete, clay and old railways tracks. Over time the park has attracted tourists from right the way around the world and still is a bucket list item for many travellers. 

what to do in innisfail
Image Credit@atlasobscura

Throw A Line Out

Are you still wanting to know what to in Innisfail then why not throw a line out. We love fishing and when we can throw a line out to catch some dinner we always take up the opportunity. Sarah from Mena Creek campgrounds filled us in on the ‘go-to’ spots for fishing and it paid off. We walked away with a couple of black brim and they were fat and full. We also caught a turtle which of course we released. 

***TIP- When fishing in fresh water around Innisfail, chuck a yabby on the end of your line and the brim will be your best friend. We caught these yabby’s fresh from the creek and then used them for bait. 

What To Do Innisfail?- Josephine Falls

A short 20 kilometres north of Innisfail is the beautiful Josephine Falls. We really didn’t expect the tropical rainforest walk and the gorgeous falls at the end. It was even more of a surprise when we seen a wild boar, this gave the kids a right fright. But we walked past it with no issues and it didn’t bother us. 

Josephine falls is one of the reasons why we love north Queensland, the swimming holes are simply gorgeous. They offer a serenity that is priceless and often enough they will be empty, so you can float around in compete silence only listening to the birds chirping and the insects talking. 

Innisfail Lookout At Croquette Point

We love a good lookout and for a point of interest that is close to Innisfail town the Croquette Point lookout is a perfect place to visit. Here you can see a perfect view overlooking the town and the Johnston River. 

Etty Bay Beach

Etty Bay beach is just one of the spectacular beaches along the Queensland coast. Etty bay is also well known for spotting the iconic southern cassowary right on the beach front. 

north queensland
Photo Credit@ettybaycaravanpark

If you look hard enough then you will find the golden nuggets of what Innisfail has to offer. We loved every minute spent here and it will make our bucket list return when we come back to Queensland. 

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