What To Do In Denmark With Kids

Ok, so I may just have a favourite town. Yes you guessed it. Denmark. The entire town feels like it has a strong community feel within. As well as the quaint coastal town only having a population of over 2500 people. It just felt homely. 

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What to do in Denmark with kids? 

Denmark is making a real positive movement towards sustainability and a better environment for the future. As we travelled through I noticed many positive movements towards this, which I really appreciated.

The council is doing a great job by supplying the town with an electric car charging station. The community has organised a system where the locals can commute together to work, where they meet at a local car park. The city council has also self funded a program where the local cafes get given posters to put in the cafe windows to advertise discounts to their customers if they bring in a re-usable cup. 

These are just a few of the many movements the council has put together. This is such a massive step forward and it really gives Denmark a good name with strong values. 

We met two travelling families that were moving to Denmark because their values align with what Denmark is putting together and for the Golden Hill Steiner School. This could be the movement towards the next Byron Bay. 


what to do in denmark with kids

We had been told by many that we could not go into Denmark and not visit the Elephant Rocks at William Bay. So we went, we saw and we liked. It is really easy to get to at low tide, you walk down a ready made timber pathway which you then follow the way through two large boulders that are side by side. On the other side is the little secret bay of tranquility. The water is calm, and looks green. Although despite the colour, the water is clear with no seaweed. 

Many other visitirs were swimming among the boulder rocks in the water, which was a photographers smorgasboard. We found it a bit cold and skipped the swim, just a paddle from us. 


Being in the south-west or passing through means that there is a variety of winerries and breweries. But when you have little children sometimes it becomes hard to stay at these places as they get bored very quickly. Which makes the visit not so enjoyable. But Boston Brewing Co have families in mind. We found this extremely family friendly and we stayed for a little while longer because the kids were having such a great time. We even met another travelling family here, the kids made some friends! 


If your children are animal lovers like mine then an animal farm is always on the list of places to go. There is something about animals that my children are drawn towards. They keep begging us for a pet dog and Dan and I keep saying no (golly gosh that’s like a fourth child). Check out the animal farm’s website here and for pricing


You know we love a good pub visit, I am pretty sure we have stopped by at least one pub in every town that we have visited. What makes Denmark Tavern even better is that it is directly across the road from a playground. 

Dan went for a beer and the kids and I played at the playground, there is a large grass area and a pond with ducks to keep the kids amused. Toilet blocks and parking, well done Denmark council this was a winner with our family. 


The Denmark Thrills Adventure Park was another highly recommended place to visit. We decided to skip this attraction for a number of reasons. One being that our children we thought were too young to get the full experience of what the park has to offer. Although that hydro-orb ride looked amazing!!! 

So what is this adventure park? It is a bit of everything which includes rope swings, climbing activities, slacklines, giant tree swing, maze, bubble soccor plus lots more. There is an entry fee but this doesn’t cover you for all of the rides. Check first and do a quick at home calculation as to whether the day is going to blow your budget or if it’s all well worth the trek. 

DENMARK MAZE- made by a local

This maze was carved out by a local who lives in Denmark. It is a beautiful walk through the bush and a great way for younger children to burn off some energy. This isn’t a large maze and older children and adults it wouldn’t be very suited for. I would probably say 5 years and under. 

This is free with an honesty box at the front for a donation. When we went I made up a list of items our children had to find and tick off. Things like find a bird, ant, stick on the floor, red pebble etc. It kept them amused while we were doing the maze. 

Find directions HERE


It is very well known we are coastal beach lovers. There is something about the sun that glistens off the water that really just chills us out. Along with the calming sound of the water crashing on the shore. When we were in Denmark we hit up Ocean Beach, it is the towns local go-to swimming place. 

Even though when we were in Denmark it was cold, the kids still went for a swim but Dan and I sat back and watched. The beach is manned with lifeguards on the weekends and is equipped with toilets and showers. 


Denmark has this real modern day hippy vibe to it. Which I love by the way! The town really gets behind sustainable living and there are many local businesses which are involved. These businesses you can find at the Denmark Markets. I always love going down and supporting a local business. Usually it’s buying a coffee or food as we really try to practice minimalism and try not to get caught up with consumerism. 

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