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Bunbury is only a 2 hour drive from Perth city and has lots to offer for activities to do with the family. If you are looking for a quiet coastal town, Bunbury is not your place to go! It is busy and is set up just like another city. It has everything you need from K-Mart to Macdonalds. So what to do in Bunbury……..

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What to do in Bunbury you ask! Well I have put together a list of things that are family friendly and are local. These are no  ore than a 25 minute drive out of town. When we stayed in Bunbury we stayed at Lake Leschenault and we drove into town when we needed to. The city was too big for us and we didn’t like it but there are many other places in and around Bunbury that are worth exploring. So if you are in Bunbury don’t forget to check these places out. 


The Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury is a very polular place for tourist to go and visit. In front of the discovery centre in the water you can stand and watch the dolphins come up to the shore. We headed down there to see what the fuss was all about and yes the dolphins swim right past your legs. You can see dolphins right up close in this encounter. 

Now the controversy is that this is not a natural experience for the dolphins as they are hand fed everyday by volunteers. So this is a tourist attraction making money from the dolphins. Find out more here at the Discovery Dolphin Centre



I don’t know about your family but our family love a good skate park and extra points for a playground there too. Every town we stop in we head to the skate parks and we can nearly guarantee there is always a skate park in every town, city and state! Australind definitely gets the thumbs up from our kids, although it didn’t have a playground near by it was still very good. 



If your children would like to learn more about the wildlife then head to the Bunbury Wildlife Centre. The children can hand feed the kangaroos and birds. While walking around the park there is lots of information that can contribute to the childrens home schooling lessons or if they are interested in wildlife and animals. Click here for ticket pricing


We quickly stopped by this place because of it’s name! I know I know we are suckers for candy. So glad we went, we taste tested some taffy and then brought some, you know for the ride. The host was a funny gentleman and had the audience intrigued. Yes I would recommend that the family stop by and taste some of this taffy! 


The Donneybrook Apple Park is fun for the whole family. With play areas that covers all age groups which include climbing frames, slides, swings and monkey bars. Even the adults can get fit here with the onsite fitness equipment. Relax and sit back with a picnic or head on over to the cafe for a lovely brunch! For more details about Donneybrook Apple Park 


If you know us by now then you know we love a good playground. The Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground delivered for our kids. The flying fox was a winner and it wasnt all sand. Although when we went the flies were crazy bad and it was the one day where I wish I had a fly night. We ended up cutting the kids play short so we could leave. Sorry Kids! 


Gnomesville was totally on our list but we ran out of time. When we were in in Bunbury there was a fire near by and it covered the city of Bunbury with thick black smoke and ash. We decided to stay in the van those days until it cleared and before we knew it our time was up. Friends of ours went and totally loved it. There is meant to be over 10,000 gnomes there, how crazy is that!

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