The Decision To Pack Up and Travel

The Decision To Pack Up and Travel

How did this all come about is the probably one of the biggest questions we get asked, other than are we scared. Most people are just so taken back that they are lost for words (or are thinking something in their heads that they don’t want to say out loud lol). 

So I’ll start from the start. (btw- all blogs will be authored by me Kylie as I have a love for expressive writing and Dan not so much). Early 2016 we were originally making plans to go on a road trip across the USA with our amazing neighbours. We backed out of that as we couldn’t afford 50k at the time and went on a 14 day budget holiday to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore (we found great deals on flights). We spent ALL of 2017 saving our butts off, a whole 50 weeks in budget mode to go on holiday for 14 days. Back then I was working over time in getting my gym business out of the start up phase, there were some crazy hours involved and Dan was working full time, 12 hour days as a boiler maker. We never got to spend as much time as we liked with each other and the kids. We were looking forward to this holiday just to bond and spend everyday with each other- something we were all desperately missing. 

Our holiday was an amazing adventure, we walked, we talked, we explored, we tried new foods and the kids learnt some of the language. One night Dan and I were sitting in our hotel room, I had just finished my work (yes I worked while I was on holidays) and started thinking how I could make this a reality, full time travel and work at the same time. I remember googling families who were currently doing it and there were not many out there. WorldTravelFamily is one of the first families I started following- check out there blog. I began to share and send Dan these blogs as I thought I had a tough road of convincing ahead of me. 

I was wrong!

Dan was open to the idea of travelling around Australia in a caravan, I personally am looking forward to travelling the globe but Dan is the sort of person who likes to take 1 maybe 2 steps at a time, which I am fine with because I am a risk taker so we level each other out, I always say we are the ying to each others yang. About 3 weeks of thinking it over Dan came back to me and said ‘yes let’s do it’!. Our original plans were to go for 12months but we thought why not just swap our location of living. Which then lead us to the idea of full-time nomads, living out of fully self contained caravan, travelling, wildschooling and living each day on an adventure. 

Every single decision moving forward has been around us being on the road, working while travelling, running my gym business while travelling and of course schooling while travelling- yep we are now incharge of our children’s life learning. Blog to come…..about schooling.  

How do we feel about this all? Well we are at peace with everything. Everything has worked in flow for us and we have a mixture of emotions that are of sadness, excitement, nervousness, this is all new to us and so are the mixture of emotions. I think we are so ok with everything because if all goes belly up, then simply we come home and we have an amazing life here in Perth, amazing friends and family, a beautiful house and Perth is a great place to bring up a family. So either way is a win win situation for us. Which brings up another question as to why we are leaving our life here in Perth if it is so great. We truly believe that you cannot run away from your problems, we don’t have any problems nor do we have any issues we need to run away from. We simply believe that there is more than one way of living life, more than one way to educate your children and more than one way to earn a living. We don’t have all the answers but that is part of the fun and the challenge. 

We put simply want live life through exploration and adventure, learn everyday through hands on experience and show our children that you can carve your own way living if you step outside the box.  

Living Fearlessly Kylie xx


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