Getting Prepared For The Big Move

It has been 17 months from that very day when we were holidaying in South East Asia and I turned to Dan while we sat on the balcony of our hotel room in Phuket while the children slept and suggested that we sell our house, travel the world and work online, Dan called me crazy and looked at me with this look I will never forget….. Then 3 weeks later suggested we travel Australia first and tackle the world second. We are yet to second guess our decision, we were all in from that very moment and every decision made after that has been made around being location independent.

Those months have flown by and now we are days away from picking our caravan up and a few months away from leaving our home town Perth. We are at the stage where we are selling all our big ticket items from the house and today I just sold my car. Our house is looking pretty bare and we are all sleeping on mattresses on the floor. Slowly culling the clutter and crap that has built up over the years and putting those keep sake items in containers ready to take to my Mum’s house to look after until we return (if or when we return). We have decided to not put anything in storage and we do not want to keep anything other than sentimental items like photos and baby blankets etc. We have included the children in every step of the way, we have been talking about life on the road for over a year now and we include them in every conversation. They feel very much apart of this process as much as we do and they are at peace with not taking all their belongings and selling their bedroom furniture. Last few things to sort are a few insurances and phones and we are set. When I think about it, it hasn’t been over complicated to do and we feel very at peace with the change, taking everything at it comes, one day at a time.

Living on the front yard out the front of our house in a 22 foot caravan is not what I had ever imagined something I would be doing at the age of 35, but that is exactly what will be happening while we fix and paint our house ready for new rental tenants to move in (first time we have rented our house out eeekkkk). As soon as we have tenants we are on our way to live at the local caravan park for a month while we get ourselves settled into caravan life and iron out any teething problems (because I’m sure there will be some or lots lol) that may arise and Dan will finish his contract here in Perth.


So after all the physical stuff has been done, all that is left is the emotions that come with. When I speak to our family and friends they all ask the same thing. Am I excited? and I bet you cant wait to leave. The answer to both of those is no and no and yes, yes (such a female- so indecisive lol). It is so bittersweet- yes of course we cant wait to explore but the real truth is we have an amazing life here in Perth, true friends, amazing family and a thriving business (I am self employed so I have worked extremely hard to build my business to where it is now) but there is just something missing. That adventure, the spontaneity and freedom both Dan and I crave. There are so many mixed emotions that come with such a big change. Over the past few weeks I have been crying at the drop of a hat and have found myself staring at the blank empty rooms of our house just basking in the memories that we have enjoyed here in our home. Those first Christmas’s, those first steps and those pillow fights on the couch with all 5 of us getting involved. Dan and myself are both looking forward to the challenge, to the family time (I/m sure there will be a post about how we need time out lol) and to really taking life by the horns and fighting any fears that come our way. Which is the very reason why we named our travel page Fearless and Free Range. The fear always creeps in and the doubt is always sitting their ready to take control of you if you let it but with enough determination we have been able to push those aside or use it as fuel to keep going. We have some crazy dreams that we cannot wait to unleash and are continuously working hard everyday towards them.

Fearlessly living

Kylie xx

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  1. Jacky Duncumb

    Hi Kylie, Dan and kids just want to say have a fantastic adventure and journey stay safe, lots of admiration for you all your mum (and dad up there) should be very proud of you. Take care and looking forward to reading all about your journey. Lots of love . Jacky xxx

    1. fearlessandfreerange

      Thank you Jacky xx We hope to venture over to you some time xx

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