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It really is easy to skim past the bigger towns but Port Lincoln was calling out our name and we spent two and half weeks exploring and getting a really good feel for the town. We enjoyed our stay here and we think you will too.

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What To Do In Port Lincoln

What to do in Port Lincoln? Port Lincoln is a large coastal town with lots to do. We stayed at Northshields Caravan Park which was 14 kilometres from the town. The caravan park was basic but was located on the beach so a swim or walk was on the cards everyday. 


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If there was ever a place to get involved in fishing then Port Lincoln is the place. There is fish everywhere and even the library has plenty of books about the fish in Port Lincoln. So if you are unsure then you can do some research while you are here! We found a really good fishing spot from the Axel Stenross Maritime Boat Ramp. 

If you are interested in facts and history then here is a must stop. The kids will learn heaps and it has plenty of stuff to look at. Everything is laid out as if it were on the boat.

Yes the skate park is on our list of things to do in Port Lincoln. If you have kids with bikes, scooters or skateboards then they will love Port Lincoln’s skate park. It is a good one with plenty of room for all. There is a huge bowl here too!!!! 

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Winter Hill lookout is a short 4km drive out of town. The lookout overlooks town and is nearly a 360 view of water in front and beautiful green paddocks behind you. It really is worth the drive up there. If you have the time, pack a picnic and take a rug. There is a large rock where you can sit and eat your lunch while sitting back and enjoying the scenic views.

Foreshore Walk

The walk along the foreshore was my personal favourite, we grabbed a coffee and went for a long walk along the foreshore. There are two playgrounds for the kids to stop and play and plenty of photo opportunities along the way including a statue of the winning horse ‘Makybe Diva’ the Melbourne cup horse racing champion. Plus heaps of grass to kick a ball and have a picnic.

This place is great for lots of reasons. There really is something for everyone. The kids loved seeing the animals and we all loved the putt putt golf. After we all enjoyed a cold drink at the vineyard. The wine is exceptionally good both red and white. This wonderful place was just down the road from our caravan park and is only is 15 kms out of town.

Heritage Trail

Our children are on/off walkers. So we often would go for a 5km walk and it will be a great walk and other days we would 100 metres and there would reluctant legs refusing to go any further. Thankfully on this trail we had avid walkers with no complaints which made the walk a very pleasant one. The trail is accessible from a number of points and at the end is a BBQ area and playground. It was relaxing to walk through and to make it easier he track is very well maintained.


Grab some cardboard, boogie board or sand board and head to the sand dunes for some wicked fun! Small and large dunes for everyone in the family to have some fun. 

If there is anything that I have missed please let me know in the comments box and I will add it in here so other travelling families can visit and explore. 

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