Our first trip through South East Asia was a learning curve. We were always pushing the boundaries on what we could do, where we could go and how the children handled it. They did pretty well for their first time and it only improved from there. 

We started to realise that public transport in Singapore and Malaysia was very good in the well established countries and we chose that most of the time, where as in the not so established countries we chose taxis. Which were usually budget friendly too. Unlike here in our home country of Australia

So what is there to do in Asia with kids? Well each country is different and each country has loads and loads of things to do. Each time your children will be learning without you even realising. Our children have picked up so much that we can’t believe it, this all happened before they could even read. 

The more we travel the more they are willing to try new foods, give new experiences a go which deepen their understanding of the world. All of which add to the memory bank of their child hood. Do we have a favourite so far? Well I think the children loved Singapore, it had so much for the kids to do and it was a very well organised and clean country to be in. 

We have travelled through these countries with/without children and each country has it’s own special qualities to find out about and explore. Click the picture below to find out about each country 

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